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Friday, April 23, 2010

Funeral Goat – Mass Ov Perversion (Daemon Worship Production, 2010)

I’m just blowing off some steam after a brutal week of hell, and now I’m prepping for one of the best weekends this year: High on Fire/Archons/Black Cobra/Bison B.C. in one night, San Diego Metal Swap Meet sponsored by one of my new label collaborators for my site and show, Deathgasm; so I’m fired up on the flames of Hell and just got some new tunes for my show and site and have to share them because they are burning a hole in my head where my ears used to be. Recommended for fans of Beherit, Archgoat, Blasphemy, Havohej, but I’d also add in Hellhammer and early Death/Autopsy as well, Darkthrone, Emperor (early), at times the vocals remind me slightly of Attila of Mayhem on De Mysteries, especially on the track “Morning Star”. I can almost here "FUUUNRRRLLLLLLLLL FOGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Old school death and black metal fused flawlessly to create a charred brew of raw and brutal, rapid machine gun blasting metal. There really isn’t anything classic and essential that is not clearly influencing this Dutch band, but yet it still has a fresh stench of individuality and of its own festering existence.

I’m humbled to be able to review these releases, it means that I have proven my ability to not piss myself when shocked from a power line attached to my ass as my temples are consistently pounded upon by sledgehammers of buzz saw guitars and blast beat drums. I seriously hope that the blackened death onslaught of releases won’t let up anytime soon, this is a true spiked leather spank for the metal masochist, and it will leave your ears bleeding if you listen too loudly or closely.

As said in a prior review today, slit your throat on this album as well, serious debauchery and heinous violence is present here. The rhythm of an execution on a grand scale, a field of impaled and garroted bodies dripping and decaying in the hot sun of the end of it all as the maniac continues to slay in his path. Swing the axe, hack them up, and boil them alive, although this is more like being run over by a steamroller. For some reason this sound never gets boring or weakened with time or imitation, it’s always as incredible and makes your skin tingle as if it was your first time hearing it again 20 or so years ago. Another triumph for the legions of the bowels of the universe…bow down and give your self up. Every pulse and kerrang of the instruments throughout this album is an addiction, once you put this on you will have to finish and repeat, finish and repeat. Very few things can say “I hate!” like this music does.

Band info/contact/ audio samples:

Prosanctus Inferi – Pandemonic Ulutations of Vesperic Palpitation (Hells Headbangers Records 2010)

HHR unleashes pure necrotic fury in this firestorm of blackened US death metal as a welcomed scourge upon this wasteland called Earth. This album will slash through your senses and desecrate your insides to mush. Barbarous and crude, this is another piece of audio profanity that reeks of hatred and violence. According to the HHR website this band is for the diehard fans of: early Profanatica, AngelCorpse, Bestial Warlust, Necrovore, and Rites of Thy Degringolade; so that should be all the name-dropping needed here. If you’re sick fuck who really likes to get amped on riffs and blast beats and beat everything and everyone around you into non-existence, this is the soundtrack to your crime, trial, and execution. Electric chair ferocity, no wussy-ass lethal injection, potassium chloride is nothing (I’m a chemist so I should know) to having pure energy in the form of “High Voltage “short circuiting and charring your insides as you steam and twitch in agony ( I enjoy crime as well), being hit by lightning that is funded by the voters and directed at you with murderous intent.

The tracks on this vulgar concoction of an album are short bursts of insanity and murderous debauchery by way of deafening percussion blasts and guitar riffs so powerful they’d be able to demolish a building by sheer reverberation. This stuff makes your bones ache and your skin go limp as if you were some happy masochist being strapped down and abused. More unadulterated brutality coming out from HHR this year, and it seems as if the friendly wholesome folks over at HHR intend to turn up the heat with each release so that it hazes your taste of the extreme and brands your skin to initiate you into the world of the truly Fucked up and depraved. The welcome is as warm as one would expect from a Catholic inferno for the genuinely wicked, the true heat of Hades burns into your soul as the might of the music mills your physical being into minute specks of micro-organic matter!!!! Obviously this is some seriously brutal and noxious stuff here, addicting and definitely for those that really can take their audio to the extreme. Death heads must here this, so check the band and links out, this is one that’s not to be missed. Bend over and grab ‘em you fucking pussies, this will ram an anti tank weapon up your ass and pull the trigger!!!!!! This stinks of blood, sweat, putrid flesh of the weak and trampled, and the fear of those who were and are not quite ready for the sound of death and desecration, the profane and explicit… squeal piggy squeal!!!!!

For audio samples/info/purchasing:
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Rainbow Bridge - New cassette Label for more of the best in experimental/psychedelic/electronic/shoegaze tunes

Here's one of my newest editions and lucky finds: if you you dig stuff like: Nadja, Methadrone, James Plotkin projects, Aphex Twin, Sonic Youth, Boris, Acid Mothers Temple, Circle, Japanese noise, Beta Lactam Ring records, NY No Wave bands (Suicide, Theoretical Girls, etc.) , Kraut Rock, power electronics and industrial, and many drone and weird doom project fans, you will find much to love on this label. Contact info will be on my links list and MP3 audio will hopefully be available here soon at the top of the home page if i cna get the damn thing to work. More truly underground sounds. Each of these casettes is custom and very rare, but not a ridiculously expenisve bullshit type of rare, so check out the audio and the links out for sure. AWESOME stuff. Here's some of the descriptions to go wiht the pics:

Sensible Nectar/Gorgonized Dorks split c62 - RB-038
This jam-packed cassette presents some of Sensible Nectar's most introspective and creative recordings yet as well as the latest works by the seasoned Gorgonized Dorks from Culver City, CA. With lyrics extremely political in nature, Justin Marc Lloyd of Sensible Nectar manages to drag you up and down the entire spectrum of harsh noise and nauseating psychedelia, complimented by the Dorks' masterpiece of frustrating and face-melting synth and feedback blasts, all the while living up to their reputation for being one of the craziest two-pieces in all the universe. Hand-stamped, black and purple, carefully spray-painted cassettes individually packaged with full-color cut-outs from a 1990's cat book. Each insert is unique and cute as well as disturbing depending on the nature of the photo. Lyrics and track information inside. Limited to 39.

Luminous/The Human Excuse/Sensible Nectar/Inappropriate King Live/Redroot split - CD - RB-036
Somehow, this diverse compilation of folk, noise, harsh noise, power electronics, ambient and drone all flows together flawlessly like a nonsensical, mixed-media collage. Enjoy the dirty murmur of the UK's Luminous (Tim Chaplin), the drone-meets-noise creations of Sensible nectar, the industrial noise of Inappropriate King Live, and finally the innocent, young, dream-pop folk of Redroot and The Human Exucse all in one spray painted, hand-numbered, hand-assembled, hand-stamped package with full color artwork inside. Limited to 35.

Spitting Ladyladys/Bacteria Earth - split CD - RB-034
Two swedish fellows under the moniker "Spitting Ladyladys" travel long, long light-years to bring you their intergalactic, foolish synth-noise science experiments. Following up is Bacteria Earth, providing you dense, depressing, doomsday drones that will drive you into oblivion. Imagine being sexually abducted by highly unintelligent, playful aliens then being dropped back on Earth in the unsafe zone of the set of 28 Weeks Later. Cardstock & paper packaging, numbered with inserts. Limited to 35.

Sensible Nectar/Spermwhales - split cassette (c62) - RB032
Sensible Nectar sets the stage for schizophrenic, chaotic noise alongside tortured, heavily-effected screams about self-loathing and terrible memory with occasional fantastic illusions and trances. Spermwhales take over all trance responsibilities on side B and send you into a half-hour long, nearly unconscious opus appropriately named "Comatose." Numbered, painted and bagged with artwork & goodies. Limited to 50.

The Royal Arch Blaspheme – S/T (Hells Headbangers Records, 2010)

Another obliterating and sonically devastating perverted piece of black metal audio coming our way, The Royal Arch Blaspheme unleash their occultist ideologies and sadistic noise on our equally depraved minds and ears through this album of purely disturbing and dense USBM. I just got this one in from HHR this morning and noting that it was the debut and featuring members of Profanatica and Krieg I sort of knew what horrors lay within and like a desperate fiend for the perverse and deranged I had to mainline this bastard ASAP, and what a Fucking rush this is. I’m still in the process of reviewing the recent Profanatica, but this gets to be my first priority as it is the newest audio high that I’m buzzed on currently. If the two names dropped already haven’t got you scrambling to slit your throat with this project, then hopefully the description coming will convince you to indulge and hand over your will power and submit to the true distorted monstrosity contained within this release.

The guitars are raw, and the riffs shred, but not like a clean and fresh cut, it’s more like a rusted jigsaw blade in need of lubing, it’s slow and blunt, the incisions are abysmally deep and jerk and rip through your flesh and into the bone as it is angry and out-of-control. This band wants to rip through the grain of your subconscious, but not with any sort of mercy, it’s intended to be a painful and slow ordeal. The guitar riffs buzz like a serial killers torture tool room being started up to prep the tools for your next taste of his sadistic fantasy, the grinders warm up to sharpen the next tool of the trade, the screeching of the blade on the surface as the sparks splatter in all directions as will your blood. This whole album reeks of elements of Krieg, Deathspell Omega, Funeral Mist, in terms of heathenish and bludgeoning aggression, it’s a continual Hell ride of whirlwind percussive artillery and buzz saw guitar, but not without a taste of Hellhammer, Darkthrone or Venom. True palpitations of the heartbeat of hell are heard throughout this album and the grueling and maniacal rants of diabolical ideals breathe its soul into it. A true inferno of unholy ritualistic bliss, and a must for the depraved and damned!!!!! This is absolute audio profanity and causes me to relapse to Kult Ov Azazel’s “Destroying the Sacred” for pure and unadulterated hatred and blasphemy. This will blow your head clean off!!!!!

For info/purchasing/ and audio samples:

Monday, April 19, 2010

In Silentio Noctis - Through Fragments of Christianity

When it comes to the more Goth/Pagan metal I really approach with caution, some if it is awesome and well done, but others are way too overdone and Baroque and I want to puke after the first few skims through the album. None of that is an issue with this release, somehow this band manages to capture the grandiose and symphonic intensity of barbarian times and the Pagan spirit . Honestly, imagine Arcturus' "Sideshow Symphonies" but with Armi Paivinen's female voice converting it into a satanic and epic pagan ritual which she is conducting to ward off the worthless and ignorant Judeo-Christian/modern western culture.

Although classical in many ways, not to mention sophisticated, this band manages to not only fully indulge in the true spirit of the Left-hand Path, but creates the genuine feel of the neo-folk pagan vibe thatyou can actually feel radiating throughout this album. All that and yet this is still an agressive black metal band without compromise. Without the cover art and song titles it isn't clear that this is a Satanic album, black and ethereal at heart, but it IS and a true pagan masterpiece to add. No overdramatic emotional passages, way overdone folk and classical parts that water this down, no yelling "Satan" or his many other names in bloodcurdling screams, but this music is absolutely beautiful and skillfully done. For those that think that only the raw, basic, ugly and grim create Satanic metal, you have no fucking clue what Satanism is, Paganism, or real metal so pull your heads out of your asses, pick this album up and find out what the true occult sounds like.Highly recommended for fans of: Arcturus, Hellveto, Summoning, Windir, Falkenbach, later Bathory, Ataraxia, and also new comers featured on my site like UK based Ebonilumini. Listening to this will catapult you back to the glorious days of the past when rituals, magic, war, feast, and ale ruled as did the strong. By the way, I like the raw,ugly, grim stuff too...

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War Ethic/Irons Split - Into the Abyss

Another cutthroat and monstrous release from the little DIY label Frequency 13…will the madness even end? Well hopefully not, although this stuff is massive enough in decibels and sheer strength to be audibly equivalent to a nuclear holocaust. Yes…Goddamn it… I’m still on my raw crust/proto black/early DM kick and so here’s another slam-dunk for the brutal and massively heavy!!!!!!!

This album here is a split between two artists, War Ethic and Irons, both of which embrace the ideals of the old tradition of the “Too Loud…Too Bad” mentality, but don’t expect mediocre noise and crap here, chances are if you’re reading this you’re here for a reason and that reason is that you like it loud, heavy, intense, brutal, bashing, smashing, etc.

The War Ethic contribution is 4 songs of pure Hellhammer, Discharge, Deviated Instinct, Autopsy, annihilating audio. Blitzkrieg drums and hollow sounding percussion, ultra low-end sagging 3 ton Gorillas ass tuning on some thunderous riffs, chaotic cymbal crashes and snare licks ala Fenriz ( Darkthrone ), honestly this is an instro. “Hails” back to the heyday of Grind/Death/ and proto-Black Metal, the true sound of ferocity and heaviness in the anarchist, yet skilled production of extreme audio. Take the second track, “ Negative Apex”, the sound can be compared to a ginormous metal structure/statue that suddenly picks it’s ass up and begins to move along, slowly creaking, clanking, clunking, as it moves on and undoubtedly crushes everything along it’s path into by sheer mass. If anyone so far is saying “Fuck Yeah!!!!” then check this out for sure, it’ll level you in amazement.

The next track, “ Goat Gas Mass” is another piece of crust/proto-Black Metal warp speed animosity flying towards you by way of warp speed guitar shreds and riffs. The name alone is awesome, and none likes a good fart/turd joke than me, and this is definitely one massive low-end blast for sure. This track stands out a bit from the others in that it incorporates some almost distorted doom elements in the slower parts, but never lets go of the full-fledged blunt force trauma it is applying to those standing in it’s wake. This is total drunken, anarchy, noise, slamming, crashing, smashing everything in existence into dust and then even further into oblivion type of music. Just when began to worry that sophistication and imitation were breeding out the true ”Fuck You” and “Eat Shit” mentality and sound in heavy music, these bastards come along and bring back the days of “Bigger...Louder…Faster…More!!!!!”.
I can safely say that Mick Harris, James Plotkin, Justin Broderick are a huge influence here, whether intentional or not by the artists, it’s present and unmistakable.

The two tracks contributed by Irons are equally as awesome and welcome here, but play more into a raw and distorted instro. Doom feel than the chaotic Crust/DM/Grind feel of War Ethic. There’s a sludgy and hard-hitting barrage of riffs and percussion with these last 2 tracks that are similar to the Pre-Electric Wizard projects, Coffins, some Ramesses even. As with most good stuff, it’s hard to draw exact comparisons to anything here, but this will pound your head in through sheer power and volume. Awesome…Awesome…Awesome stuff!!!!!! Unfortunately this band is now defunct, but it’s still a valid and incredible release worth obtaining, these guys are now working on their solo efforts Karaoke Vocal Eliminator and Ice Bound Majesty. Dave has most his releases available from his distro as well as many other labels and awesome artists so check him out at the link below for Rhesus distro. Also check out Aquarius Records and Crucial Blast, they sell FREQ 13 releases as well. As usual, support true indie and the underground, without support things will continue to die off in favor of crap and nothing worthwhile will get recognized until someone releases it 20 years later after the fact.

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