Friday, April 23, 2010

The Royal Arch Blaspheme – S/T (Hells Headbangers Records, 2010)

Another obliterating and sonically devastating perverted piece of black metal audio coming our way, The Royal Arch Blaspheme unleash their occultist ideologies and sadistic noise on our equally depraved minds and ears through this album of purely disturbing and dense USBM. I just got this one in from HHR this morning and noting that it was the debut and featuring members of Profanatica and Krieg I sort of knew what horrors lay within and like a desperate fiend for the perverse and deranged I had to mainline this bastard ASAP, and what a Fucking rush this is. I’m still in the process of reviewing the recent Profanatica, but this gets to be my first priority as it is the newest audio high that I’m buzzed on currently. If the two names dropped already haven’t got you scrambling to slit your throat with this project, then hopefully the description coming will convince you to indulge and hand over your will power and submit to the true distorted monstrosity contained within this release.

The guitars are raw, and the riffs shred, but not like a clean and fresh cut, it’s more like a rusted jigsaw blade in need of lubing, it’s slow and blunt, the incisions are abysmally deep and jerk and rip through your flesh and into the bone as it is angry and out-of-control. This band wants to rip through the grain of your subconscious, but not with any sort of mercy, it’s intended to be a painful and slow ordeal. The guitar riffs buzz like a serial killers torture tool room being started up to prep the tools for your next taste of his sadistic fantasy, the grinders warm up to sharpen the next tool of the trade, the screeching of the blade on the surface as the sparks splatter in all directions as will your blood. This whole album reeks of elements of Krieg, Deathspell Omega, Funeral Mist, in terms of heathenish and bludgeoning aggression, it’s a continual Hell ride of whirlwind percussive artillery and buzz saw guitar, but not without a taste of Hellhammer, Darkthrone or Venom. True palpitations of the heartbeat of hell are heard throughout this album and the grueling and maniacal rants of diabolical ideals breathe its soul into it. A true inferno of unholy ritualistic bliss, and a must for the depraved and damned!!!!! This is absolute audio profanity and causes me to relapse to Kult Ov Azazel’s “Destroying the Sacred” for pure and unadulterated hatred and blasphemy. This will blow your head clean off!!!!!

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