Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainbow Bridge - New cassette Label for more of the best in experimental/psychedelic/electronic/shoegaze tunes

Here's one of my newest editions and lucky finds: if you you dig stuff like: Nadja, Methadrone, James Plotkin projects, Aphex Twin, Sonic Youth, Boris, Acid Mothers Temple, Circle, Japanese noise, Beta Lactam Ring records, NY No Wave bands (Suicide, Theoretical Girls, etc.) , Kraut Rock, power electronics and industrial, and many drone and weird doom project fans, you will find much to love on this label. Contact info will be on my links list and MP3 audio will hopefully be available here soon at the top of the home page if i cna get the damn thing to work. More truly underground sounds. Each of these casettes is custom and very rare, but not a ridiculously expenisve bullshit type of rare, so check out the audio and the links out for sure. AWESOME stuff. Here's some of the descriptions to go wiht the pics:

Sensible Nectar/Gorgonized Dorks split c62 - RB-038
This jam-packed cassette presents some of Sensible Nectar's most introspective and creative recordings yet as well as the latest works by the seasoned Gorgonized Dorks from Culver City, CA. With lyrics extremely political in nature, Justin Marc Lloyd of Sensible Nectar manages to drag you up and down the entire spectrum of harsh noise and nauseating psychedelia, complimented by the Dorks' masterpiece of frustrating and face-melting synth and feedback blasts, all the while living up to their reputation for being one of the craziest two-pieces in all the universe. Hand-stamped, black and purple, carefully spray-painted cassettes individually packaged with full-color cut-outs from a 1990's cat book. Each insert is unique and cute as well as disturbing depending on the nature of the photo. Lyrics and track information inside. Limited to 39.

Luminous/The Human Excuse/Sensible Nectar/Inappropriate King Live/Redroot split - CD - RB-036
Somehow, this diverse compilation of folk, noise, harsh noise, power electronics, ambient and drone all flows together flawlessly like a nonsensical, mixed-media collage. Enjoy the dirty murmur of the UK's Luminous (Tim Chaplin), the drone-meets-noise creations of Sensible nectar, the industrial noise of Inappropriate King Live, and finally the innocent, young, dream-pop folk of Redroot and The Human Exucse all in one spray painted, hand-numbered, hand-assembled, hand-stamped package with full color artwork inside. Limited to 35.

Spitting Ladyladys/Bacteria Earth - split CD - RB-034
Two swedish fellows under the moniker "Spitting Ladyladys" travel long, long light-years to bring you their intergalactic, foolish synth-noise science experiments. Following up is Bacteria Earth, providing you dense, depressing, doomsday drones that will drive you into oblivion. Imagine being sexually abducted by highly unintelligent, playful aliens then being dropped back on Earth in the unsafe zone of the set of 28 Weeks Later. Cardstock & paper packaging, numbered with inserts. Limited to 35.

Sensible Nectar/Spermwhales - split cassette (c62) - RB032
Sensible Nectar sets the stage for schizophrenic, chaotic noise alongside tortured, heavily-effected screams about self-loathing and terrible memory with occasional fantastic illusions and trances. Spermwhales take over all trance responsibilities on side B and send you into a half-hour long, nearly unconscious opus appropriately named "Comatose." Numbered, painted and bagged with artwork & goodies. Limited to 50.

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