Friday, April 23, 2010

Prosanctus Inferi – Pandemonic Ulutations of Vesperic Palpitation (Hells Headbangers Records 2010)

HHR unleashes pure necrotic fury in this firestorm of blackened US death metal as a welcomed scourge upon this wasteland called Earth. This album will slash through your senses and desecrate your insides to mush. Barbarous and crude, this is another piece of audio profanity that reeks of hatred and violence. According to the HHR website this band is for the diehard fans of: early Profanatica, AngelCorpse, Bestial Warlust, Necrovore, and Rites of Thy Degringolade; so that should be all the name-dropping needed here. If you’re sick fuck who really likes to get amped on riffs and blast beats and beat everything and everyone around you into non-existence, this is the soundtrack to your crime, trial, and execution. Electric chair ferocity, no wussy-ass lethal injection, potassium chloride is nothing (I’m a chemist so I should know) to having pure energy in the form of “High Voltage “short circuiting and charring your insides as you steam and twitch in agony ( I enjoy crime as well), being hit by lightning that is funded by the voters and directed at you with murderous intent.

The tracks on this vulgar concoction of an album are short bursts of insanity and murderous debauchery by way of deafening percussion blasts and guitar riffs so powerful they’d be able to demolish a building by sheer reverberation. This stuff makes your bones ache and your skin go limp as if you were some happy masochist being strapped down and abused. More unadulterated brutality coming out from HHR this year, and it seems as if the friendly wholesome folks over at HHR intend to turn up the heat with each release so that it hazes your taste of the extreme and brands your skin to initiate you into the world of the truly Fucked up and depraved. The welcome is as warm as one would expect from a Catholic inferno for the genuinely wicked, the true heat of Hades burns into your soul as the might of the music mills your physical being into minute specks of micro-organic matter!!!! Obviously this is some seriously brutal and noxious stuff here, addicting and definitely for those that really can take their audio to the extreme. Death heads must here this, so check the band and links out, this is one that’s not to be missed. Bend over and grab ‘em you fucking pussies, this will ram an anti tank weapon up your ass and pull the trigger!!!!!! This stinks of blood, sweat, putrid flesh of the weak and trampled, and the fear of those who were and are not quite ready for the sound of death and desecration, the profane and explicit… squeal piggy squeal!!!!!

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