Friday, April 23, 2010

Funeral Goat – Mass Ov Perversion (Daemon Worship Production, 2010)

I’m just blowing off some steam after a brutal week of hell, and now I’m prepping for one of the best weekends this year: High on Fire/Archons/Black Cobra/Bison B.C. in one night, San Diego Metal Swap Meet sponsored by one of my new label collaborators for my site and show, Deathgasm; so I’m fired up on the flames of Hell and just got some new tunes for my show and site and have to share them because they are burning a hole in my head where my ears used to be. Recommended for fans of Beherit, Archgoat, Blasphemy, Havohej, but I’d also add in Hellhammer and early Death/Autopsy as well, Darkthrone, Emperor (early), at times the vocals remind me slightly of Attila of Mayhem on De Mysteries, especially on the track “Morning Star”. I can almost here "FUUUNRRRLLLLLLLLL FOGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Old school death and black metal fused flawlessly to create a charred brew of raw and brutal, rapid machine gun blasting metal. There really isn’t anything classic and essential that is not clearly influencing this Dutch band, but yet it still has a fresh stench of individuality and of its own festering existence.

I’m humbled to be able to review these releases, it means that I have proven my ability to not piss myself when shocked from a power line attached to my ass as my temples are consistently pounded upon by sledgehammers of buzz saw guitars and blast beat drums. I seriously hope that the blackened death onslaught of releases won’t let up anytime soon, this is a true spiked leather spank for the metal masochist, and it will leave your ears bleeding if you listen too loudly or closely.

As said in a prior review today, slit your throat on this album as well, serious debauchery and heinous violence is present here. The rhythm of an execution on a grand scale, a field of impaled and garroted bodies dripping and decaying in the hot sun of the end of it all as the maniac continues to slay in his path. Swing the axe, hack them up, and boil them alive, although this is more like being run over by a steamroller. For some reason this sound never gets boring or weakened with time or imitation, it’s always as incredible and makes your skin tingle as if it was your first time hearing it again 20 or so years ago. Another triumph for the legions of the bowels of the universe…bow down and give your self up. Every pulse and kerrang of the instruments throughout this album is an addiction, once you put this on you will have to finish and repeat, finish and repeat. Very few things can say “I hate!” like this music does.

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