Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hellveto - Kry (Pagan Records)

The true sound of Pagan Black Metal is the perfect description of this Polish masterminds work. Twelve years in the making and sweeping across the underground with his storm of symphonic and opaque sounds, unleashing the spirits of the ancient dead, but not forgotten, cultures and the people. Think of it as the hollow echoing voices of the past calling out as the spirits pass through you, the chill of the presence as they enter into your being and the thrill of the heathen energy within as it runs through your veins and you wield the axe.

I’ve been a follower of Hellveto since Autumnal Night and have heard my share of pagan and symphonic bands, but not too many can really haunt you like this stuff does. Autumnal Night felt like a blaze, you could actually feel the fire through the music and see the tribe performing a ritual as the inferno burned hotter and brighter lighting up the sky. This newest work, Kry, is as dynamic as you can get from a symphonic solo project, you feel the frosty dawn approach as the midnight fog crosses the Slavic plains and the stirring of the souls of the past as they scream out to signal the return of the pagan blood, yet always remains a black metal album.

This is truly epic, stark, bone-chilling, and resonating album that brings to life the true legend and spirit of the pagans. The wall of guitar encircles you as you hear the haunting voices muddled in the brewing of the storm, the keyboard is simply a backdrop to give you the feeling of something stirring, never diluting the sinister atmosphere created within this music, the percussion is tribal and perfect to summon the dead and unleash the beasts of pagan wrath and fury. If you are unfamiliar with this artist then I'd suggest you introduce yourself immediately, this is nothing short of FUCKING amazing. I’d also recommend checking out Blakagir.

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