Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bekhira - Demo 1996 (re-issue on Elegy Records, 2010)

Another fiendish and brilliant piece of black distorted filth to come our way from France, and this comes highly recommended for the true underground listener. Upon first listen it’s immediately obvious that this band is a sonic fury of dark and raw angst, it’s really hard to believe that this is a demo actually, although it’s a re-issue of a demo, it’s still too good to be a demo. The production is perfect, never dissolving the raw power and belligerence, but not well produced to the point of destroying the metallic muscle that is the buzzing chainsaw guitar riffs. If you want your metal black, strong, untainted, and straight ahead ferocious this is one to check out. Recommended for fans of Dark Sanctuary, Deinonychus, Chemin de Haine (as it contains members of these bands), Watain and Darkthrone, but I’d add in Funeral Goat, Hellhammer, and Vomitor.

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