Monday, April 19, 2010

War Ethic/Irons Split - Into the Abyss

Another cutthroat and monstrous release from the little DIY label Frequency 13…will the madness even end? Well hopefully not, although this stuff is massive enough in decibels and sheer strength to be audibly equivalent to a nuclear holocaust. Yes…Goddamn it… I’m still on my raw crust/proto black/early DM kick and so here’s another slam-dunk for the brutal and massively heavy!!!!!!!

This album here is a split between two artists, War Ethic and Irons, both of which embrace the ideals of the old tradition of the “Too Loud…Too Bad” mentality, but don’t expect mediocre noise and crap here, chances are if you’re reading this you’re here for a reason and that reason is that you like it loud, heavy, intense, brutal, bashing, smashing, etc.

The War Ethic contribution is 4 songs of pure Hellhammer, Discharge, Deviated Instinct, Autopsy, annihilating audio. Blitzkrieg drums and hollow sounding percussion, ultra low-end sagging 3 ton Gorillas ass tuning on some thunderous riffs, chaotic cymbal crashes and snare licks ala Fenriz ( Darkthrone ), honestly this is an instro. “Hails” back to the heyday of Grind/Death/ and proto-Black Metal, the true sound of ferocity and heaviness in the anarchist, yet skilled production of extreme audio. Take the second track, “ Negative Apex”, the sound can be compared to a ginormous metal structure/statue that suddenly picks it’s ass up and begins to move along, slowly creaking, clanking, clunking, as it moves on and undoubtedly crushes everything along it’s path into by sheer mass. If anyone so far is saying “Fuck Yeah!!!!” then check this out for sure, it’ll level you in amazement.

The next track, “ Goat Gas Mass” is another piece of crust/proto-Black Metal warp speed animosity flying towards you by way of warp speed guitar shreds and riffs. The name alone is awesome, and none likes a good fart/turd joke than me, and this is definitely one massive low-end blast for sure. This track stands out a bit from the others in that it incorporates some almost distorted doom elements in the slower parts, but never lets go of the full-fledged blunt force trauma it is applying to those standing in it’s wake. This is total drunken, anarchy, noise, slamming, crashing, smashing everything in existence into dust and then even further into oblivion type of music. Just when began to worry that sophistication and imitation were breeding out the true ”Fuck You” and “Eat Shit” mentality and sound in heavy music, these bastards come along and bring back the days of “Bigger...Louder…Faster…More!!!!!”.
I can safely say that Mick Harris, James Plotkin, Justin Broderick are a huge influence here, whether intentional or not by the artists, it’s present and unmistakable.

The two tracks contributed by Irons are equally as awesome and welcome here, but play more into a raw and distorted instro. Doom feel than the chaotic Crust/DM/Grind feel of War Ethic. There’s a sludgy and hard-hitting barrage of riffs and percussion with these last 2 tracks that are similar to the Pre-Electric Wizard projects, Coffins, some Ramesses even. As with most good stuff, it’s hard to draw exact comparisons to anything here, but this will pound your head in through sheer power and volume. Awesome…Awesome…Awesome stuff!!!!!! Unfortunately this band is now defunct, but it’s still a valid and incredible release worth obtaining, these guys are now working on their solo efforts Karaoke Vocal Eliminator and Ice Bound Majesty. Dave has most his releases available from his distro as well as many other labels and awesome artists so check him out at the link below for Rhesus distro. Also check out Aquarius Records and Crucial Blast, they sell FREQ 13 releases as well. As usual, support true indie and the underground, without support things will continue to die off in favor of crap and nothing worthwhile will get recognized until someone releases it 20 years later after the fact.

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