Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vomitor - Devils Poison (Hell's Headbangers release)

Another recent addition to the pile of classic black/thrash taking us back to days of early Bathory,Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, throw in some Kreator and Sodom and even some crust like Deviated Instinct and that's about what you have hear in terms of sound and atmosphere. Raw, brutal, blazing, blistering, pulverizing, audio annihilation!!!!!! The use of echo effect on the vocals, on "Neutron Hammer" screams as much early Tom G. Warrior as it does the lyrics. The guitar is equally distorted and swirling around in a frenzy, but the skill level is clearly displayed. Where the the prior influences mentioned were learning to play as they went along these guys already can, so they not only capture the right vibe and sound, but they can run circles around it as well, creating one of the perfect fusions of "bare-bones" and "skull bashing" style and sound with thrash technicality to yield a massive head trauma from the sheer noise and energy emerging from this band.

As with many really great labels and bands of recent creation, or just recent growth to the point of being more noticeable, there is a definite drive to recapture the genre defining sounds and elements of the classic days, but push things forward a bit as well. Even on tracks like "Caligula", this band manages to blend some elements of doom into the riffs and tempo, so there really isn't anything left out here.

On the surface, as with most things that aren't the weird and absolutely experimental shit (that I really dig as well), this won't appear to break any new ground, and half of that doesn't either these days, but to anyone with a true ear to the ealry underground and knowledge of metal roots, this indeed "DOES", it's just not up front and in your face like the music is. This stuff will kick some ass and rip some new asssholes, so tread with caution, you might temporarily retire some of your classics in place of this because this captures them all into one album.

For more info on the band and audio check out: http://www.myspace.com/thevomitor
and also: www.hellsheadbangers.com for audio samples and info.

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