Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nunslaughter – Hells Unholy Fire (Hells Headbangers 2012)

This one may not need much of an introduction, or even review given that  IT IS Nunslaughter, but it’s a mega ass ripper of a beast that deserves mention and now HHR is putting out cassette versions of some of their releases so for ease of saving $ I chose this over the vinyl.

“Death By the Dead” is a straight forward grimy zombie horror death metal tune, as infectious as syphilis and equally as potent in turning it’s infected victims brains into puss. “Cataclysm” is not too different in terms of a crusty and raw shred fest full of swinging fists and a swift, but nonetheless blinding blow to the head.  Although NS are not “new”  nor are they trying to be anything aside from ugly and obscene, they have this uncanny ability to be completely unlike anyone or anything else and it’s that reason that they really are such incredibly amazing assholes and we love them for it.

One moment I’m hearing punk, then it’s thrash, then death metal, maybe some black metal….Hell, I do belief there’s even some DOOM in there somewhere, and as if that isn’t enough they also compile horror themes with blasphemy and even a bit of ridiculousness that makes them hilarious for their deviant sense of black humor and stomping anthems of gore.

Seriously, the fact that it is Nunslaughter should be convincing enough AND descriptive enough!!!! If you missed out on the original, then get this one before it evaporates into thin air once again!!!!

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