Friday, April 6, 2012

Cemetery Piss – Rest In Piss cassette (Vaginal Apocalypse Productions 2012)

As if the name, cover art, AND label weren’t enough to convey exactly what this sounds like then here’s a bit of extra help for you.

“Rest in Piss” is a rusty nail coated in fuming sulfuric acid being driven through the base of your spine, pinning you in bloody agony to a rotted wooden stake torn apart form the coffin from which this blackened horror piss fest arose from. Expect plenty of black metal percussive blasting and scathing vocals of punkish black angst and a hint of necrophilic regurgitation in the smell wafting off the track in yellow fumes.

“Faith in Bloodshed” is more of a down-tuned and gritty razor attack of distorted metallic punk riffs and vocal offensive that also contains some respectable black metal melodies and haunting demonic vocal shrieking. You’ll feel some Darkthrone, and a few other things familiar, if that sells this for you, but honestly it really sells itself once you hear the damn thing loud and clanging.

There’s some blastbeats here and there to help with those who demand their metal only be “brutal”, and for a cassette EP containing only four tracks there is a gang raped anus full of diseased jizz and urine scalding hatred and virility that you’ll need a full recovery and medical attention after the experience.

Limited to 100 copies!!!! So grab one quick from Hells Headbangers or VAP directly at

FYI: if you’re a noise/power electronics fan then check out VAP release by Raseri and also keep a look out for upcoming releases from Reclusa and Nekrofilth (had that killer release of Hells Headbangers not too long ago). So expect more news from this sewage crawler in regards to the VAP bowel movements to come.

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