Friday, April 6, 2012

Necro-Erotic Narcotica – Cold Hearted Communion cassette (self-release)

Talk about the perfect marriage of conceptual and audio degeneracy, Sadomasokiller (aka Necro-Erotic Narcotica) brings together the heinous and detailed nature of sexual sadism, serial killer  worship, classic industrial stomping beats fused with grind blast beats, electro vomiting pornogrind vocals , and lots of screaming victims.

“Skinned, Slashed and Fondled” begins with a detailed confession of a man who takes his victims out into a wooded area, skins them, and your imagination can take it from there. After the initial graphic introduction there are a few more intense audio clips of serial killer commentary, but overall it’s industrial gore-grind mayhem and I LOVE it.

“In the Eye of Homicide” takes a simple Front 242-esque structure and rhythm combination but adds just the right dosage of putrid flesh and bit of Reclusa sludge/industrial electronic manipulation to bring to life what sounds like a cyber-wolf on stimulants mangling corpses.

The entire first side of the cassette, Side A,  goes through the layering of TV/documentary/film audio clips in and around pulsing and explosive bouts of industrial beats meets grindcore with an animalistic vocal twist. The crafting of each track is very deliberate and creates something intense and brings some skill into brutality and perversion. There’s nothing “raw” here, expect maybe nerves of those unaccustomed to this sort of thing, the sound is clean and the details and timing in each track is precise like a scalpel incision across the wrist.

Like Reclusa, Necro-Erotic Narcotica perfects the art of obscene, intense, unusual, and extreme metal meets industrial. This is not programmed Atari psychosis and noise crap… this stuff is crafted using guitars, bass, and electronic effects, so it’s an actual extension of a perverted and creative mind.

Side B consists of remixes of 5 tracks from side A, which are just as wicked and gruesome as their originals.

From what I gather, this is either gone already or there is still one copy left available from Degenerate Slime Distro. There is also a split with another act that’s worthy of picking up if you miss this one.

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