Thursday, March 1, 2012

Malepeste - S/T Cassette (WOHRT Records 2011)

Malepeste is French black metal that has that swampy diesel motor powered, down-tuned rumble of distortion with croaky vocals that instantly bring to mind old Mayhem and Inquisition. With this sound and bands like Malepeste continuing to brew their own toxic elixir with it, it’s becoming so difficult to avoid being entranced and subsequently bastardized into the warped and diabolical sounds and the artists mindsets!!!! The sound of Malepeste overall is as skuzzy as a run down subway urinal at one of the worst stops in the city that hasn’t been cleaned in 50+ years: it’s all sorts of green fuzzy stuff crawling, bits of black tar, urine stench and yellow-brown scum crust rings, mildew, cockroaches, and decaying rat shit.

“Such a Prayer for Evil” is 110% croaky vocals with occasional wolfish howls thrown in, together with some of the angular and abstract rhythms and structures of Deathspell Omega circa Fas… through Si Monumentum…, and then on top of all that the entire song is completely saturated in some sort of demonic fungal grime and muck that makes it ugly and oozing like a plague in it’s viral larvae form. There are moments of bleak atmospheres and esoteric hymns, done without symphonic assistance to keep it organic and haunting, but don’t get too comfortable as those are trampled over by the outbursts of mechanized guitar fuzz that covers everything like a black oil drizzle disguised as a fog.

“Black Scream” really boasts some balls in the “oomph” rumbles of rhythm guitar and low-end bombing riffs that literally break through unexpectedly during a more melodic and spacious place in the song as a literal “OOMPH”, drums and all. It reminds me of a bit of old black thrash mastery with a massive bulldozer across the jaw punch behind it.

“Soul Rapist” reminds me of old Sodom (Obsessed By Cruelty and In the Sign of Evil) with the venomous spit gurgling reptilian vocals that include spur of the moment incantations that literally are soaked in reverb with out effects (!), it’s like a fiery cyclone of demonic obsessions, possessions and a slaughtering rhythm frenzy in this song!!!! The ups and downs, spaces for breathing and esoteric/ancient/cryptic moods amidst vehement murderous rituals make this an intense and harrowing listen as one truly feels they are becoming a part of a society that goes beyond secret and unruly.

“The Feast” is another swampy “OOMPHY” bomb raid of distortion, violent riffs, angular and sharp guitar work and a category 7 storm of hate and fury. The song starts out with a razorlike, jagged arpeggiated theme that very soon after, bursts into the thrust and maniacal beast that is Malpeste, but there’s also this sort of doomy bass/guitar rhythm that comes in between the intro theme and the rotten meat feast of this apocalyptic and horrid tale (probably of cannibalism by hedonistic ritual to consume the weak in their entirety. Seriously evil and filthy stuff here, it really does feel like it covers the listener in some sort of black reptilian phlegm.

This is occult black metal in the reptilian, swampy, sludgey, maniacal, raw, defleshing, morbid, heinous, and horror fueled vain. So fans of: the real Mayhem, early to great Deathspell Omega, Inquisition, Gravewurm, Profanatica, Cultes Des Ghoules, and Beherit will want this ugly and gruesome phlegmy black plague.

Available on a very limited cassette run so grab this one asap.

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