Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reclusa – Discordent Delerium Demo (Despondent Depreciation Recordings 2011)

Honestly, if you call yourself “underground” and are anyway interested in the industrial/experimental grind/power electronics/porno grind/gore grind/ noise styles and never heard the sewer sludge distorted bass tone toilet stomping fecal splatter matter of Reclusa, then you’re not “underground”, “above ground” or anywhere in between!!!!!
Reclusa is one of those acts that seriously redefines any and all genre boundaries. At one moment you are convinced that the listening experience of Reclusa is industrialized septic grime sludge metal, or perhaps it’s just hypnotic and droning warped vocals over clanking and mechanical maneuvers of some sort, but whatever it is that Reclusa creates it’s sure enough to disintegrate your neural matter into liquid to be shit out as mustard colored diarrhea sharts.
    Although Discordant Delerium is considered to be  “demo”, it’s far from it. Only 15 have been printed, but there’s no way that they will not be considered official Reclusa material. Here with DD Reclusa shows a more stripped down and mechanical approach to the upside down and back door entry industrial metallic spawn. Sometimes I’m almost reminded of crust metal industrial sludge bastard like Spine Wrench with a touch of “Seeds of Psychosis” and you’ll hear why.

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