Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arthropox – Invasion of the Mermithid 3” (Septic Tank Vomitorium Productions 2011)

Arthropox is an ingenious collaboration between a sick motherfucker involved with Reclusa, Vomitoma and Eye Gouging Mayhem and another sicko involved in EGM, Sewercunt, Fellatrix Morgue and is a very brief but exhillerating journey into insect sci-fi horror and industrial madness. Honestly, when it comes to amazing audio extremes and creativity like this shit, I could care less about format/length,etc., this stuff is wicked and essential!!!!!!
 Arthropox is very much Vomitoma bong vocals meets sewage grime industrial sludge and needs to be supported.

Although limited to 20 copies, get on to Degenerate Slime Distro and and demand a rerelease or digital download because this is some seriously fun and awesome shit!!!!

They have several Arthropox releases plus a megs dump of bowel wrenching scummy lo-fi black/death/porno grind/ power electronics stuff that’ll never be found anywhere else!!!!!

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