Friday, March 9, 2012

Anuus Altar – Miasmis Worship in Trance EP

As if the name wasn’t enough to make this ~ 10 minute investment of my time, the contents more than delivered the goods. Anuus Altaar is an obscure U.S. based artist that is described as black metal fused with noise, but in actuality it’s black metal vocals and atmospheres created through doomy industrial soundscapes. Anyone who can scratch their ass without the help of a GPS system knows what the difference is between noise and Anuus Altaar, in fact the closest similarities that immediately come to mind are to Reclusa and Fellatrix Morgue.

“The Shrouds of Megiddo” is a more upfront artillery fire drum machine industrial clusterfuck with passive ambient moments in between psychotic percussive bullets, which also lead into “Impious Masturbator” and show up again halfway through it.
The percussion on “Impious Masturbator”  is partially leftover from “The Shrouds…” but does have this really great almost classic industrial military stomp rhythm for a brief moment here and there, but the brilliance is in the timing and placing of the different rhythm components and creepy ambient blurbs. The atmosphere is always intense and dark, but those ambient pieces really bring in a supernatural and horror vibe to the entire album.

“Miasmic Worship in Trance” is my standout track. It starts out as a simple symphonic synth melody, then explodes into a Reclusa like sludgy industrial fit, and finally back to the machinegun drum machine that cycles back to the synth, and it’s that continual cycling of rhythmic elements and tempos that completely defines and glues the album together through all five tracks, which makes a short 10 minute EP play out like one long pulsing maggot caccoon. I seriously live for this type of stuff and have a growing pile of stuff to post in this style.

Apparently the name has changed to Jhesu Masturbator

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