Monday, March 21, 2011

Omision - In the Shadow of the Cross (Chaos Records 2011)

Although just in the last decade these guys have been gradually rising from the decrepit soil covering the grueling pit of old school death metal this Tijuana based act has been active and slaughtering since ’93 and I’d be seriously delusional if I didn’t hear and feel 1993 and earlier in these battleaxe anthems. This album is best summed up as a collection of whiplash pit anthems of unrelenting speed and monstrosity spiraling out of control as the leads shred flesh and the rhythms pound and crush out all light and life leaving nothing but a freezing black void.

Each track comes at you mean and full of violent intentions, like a hurricane of thrash paced riffs, gruff but decipherable vokills reeking of death and decay, nuclear devastating rhythms that’ll convert lead into dust as they have the strength to penetrate that deep and heavy, and the downtuned riffage can be felt miles beneath the Earth’s crust…possibly into the core!!!! You can see the death toll rise as each track unfolds one after another, seething with blasphemy and swathed in crimson sweat.

For fans of: Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Massacre, Sepultura, Deicide, Morbid Angel, and everything classic death metal that is as brutally intense as it is rhythmic and yet still melodic.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shitty Fucker – Diarrheality EP (Tankcrimes)

The name alone sold me on this band, sort of like the Butthole Surfers and Anal Cunt…who, speaking of which, can be heard in these 7 scatologically pornographic anthems of brilliant stomping rhythmic sleaze. Pure Fecalphelia with a gritty sludge/grunge/grind/punk feel, the hooks and riffs are as unmistakable as the lyrics and audio clips about being “…hopped up on buttpolish…”, “…when are these kids going to learn to say no to buttpolish…”, a lovely audio clip of a female voice saying “I’m so happy I could shit…” then another friend following with “…you know how I hate the Brown word…”, initially you’re hooked with the opening groove of “Pirate Hooker” directly following the ripping “Jesus Fucks You” and wrenching sludge bomb opener “Putrifornication”.

Being equal parts Eyehategod sludge throttled through colon swamps and stagnant fecal water, black raspy rectal jelly crust vocals reminding me of my beloved Abscess and crust classics, and a serious skill for creating memorable and listenable vulgarity ala Anal Cunt and BHS, listening to Shitty Fucker is like a John Waters anthology done in audio. And why not, Warhol had the Velvet Underground and many muses, so why shouldn’t one of my artistic idols have his own noisy band to sponsor, he had Divine, Edith Massey, Mink Stole, and the guy who made his asshole lip sing “Oooma mowmow” in Pink Flamingos?

If you’re a serious fan of sludge, grind, classic hardcore, crust, heavy stoner tunes and a perverted sense of humor you honestly can’t go wrong here!!!!! The titles may say immature and “flush before opening”, but once you listen to this thing you’ll hear and revel in its awesomeness. It’s only available in hard copy as a Cassette for $4.20, but also as a free download at the link below, so shit or get off this pot!!!!!

Just when I think that I’m finally growing up something like this lands in my lap and I’m back to picking my nose and rubbing it on my moms clothes and giggling that she’s a booger alien while dodging her swings and shrieks or pulling my grandpas finger…ahhh, those were the days!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hellscourge – Hell’s Wrath Battalion (Dybbuk Records Mexico)

I was sold from the cover and description alone as it was a neon radiating flash of old school black thrash/death annihilation and instantly upon listening it not only delivered, but did so in big heaping steaming sesspools. Recently I picked up the really early Sodom “In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed By Cruelty” and was more devastated and violated by the energy and evil generating from that beast that I thought nothing else was going to top that “Oh Shit!!!!!” moment, then along came Hellscourge.

Early Sodom, early Kreator, Sarcofago, Venom, Celtic frost, Scorched Earth fans must have this one!!!!! It sounds as if it’s a lost recording from the mid 80’s-early 90’s, the recording is raw and garage/demo like giving it a classic and genuine distortion that makes even the crappiest band sound somewhat desirable, but where some rely on fuzz and blowing amps to wow you this band brings in: shredding leads, debilitating rhythms, and full on thrash cyclones that only the truly skilled can pull off. Seriously, the leads are unmistakable and classic, these guys really bring in the full strength of metal in every track and its loud, adrenalizing, and addicting!!!!! Every pounding rhythm and thick chainsaw riff will pulsate through your neural system until you’re nthing more than a brainless zombie feasting on flesh to the vibe of this monster from hell. You do HAVE to have this release.

Release Date: April 2011

Band info/Contact:

Friday, January 21, 2011

W.A.I.L. – S/T (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions 2011)

I’m still riding high on my weird Finnish metal buzz and just after scoring some extra rare copies of early Irritate and a Dead Reptile Shrine this raging bastard comes stomping and storming to my ears!!!!! The best way to describe it is to say that it would be a perfect release on Hells Headbangers as there’s a good mix of Beherit/Ride for Revenge/Profanatica/Horse Lattitudes…it’s a death/black/sludge/gutteral/doom metal cyclone!!! There’s no way to categorize it as anything aside from electrifying!!!! This thing is so heavy, oozing, raw, low-end, bombing, shredding, pummeling, growling, nauseating, groovy, infectious and just completely unavoidably addicting. I put this one on and my skin instantly began to crawl right off he bone. Everything about this band is unique, well executed, filthy, heavy and just incredible!!!! Seriously, if you are a huge HHR label nut like I am you’d have to do everything including kill to get a copy of this release.

There’s this perfect trade off between doom death stuff like Winter/Autopsy/Coffins and black metal, and it really makes your bowels wrench at times like going down the first psychotic dip in a rollercoaster ride through some vast demonic vortex close to light speed. Each track is different in sound and mood but never out of place, some parts are dark and haunting and others thrash and gnarl with angular melodies and that distorted crusty diesel engine riff sound that crumbles everything at the right volume. To know this is essential is as obvious as realizing that Charles Manson bears an uncanny resemblance to the bastard Christ!!!!

Here's a link to listen one of the 5 killer tracks on this beast to hold you over until it's release:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wormsblood – Mastery of Creation Demos (Barbarian Records)

Although not a new release, this is an essential listen for those into the obscure and bizarre raw black metal and left field metal stuff from Finland (Ride for Revenge, Dead Reptile Shrine, Fleshpress, Skullfuck, Circle of Ouroborous, Irritate, Anguished, etc.). Thankfully not out of print yet and available from retailers like Crucial Blast and Hells Headbangers, you’d be an ass not to jump on this one now if you like any of the already mentioned bands and even throw in some Urfaust for that matter.

The atmosphere is skeletal and spacey, like a deserted dead forest after a huge blaze and the mixture of very stark pagan melodies and simple snare drums help bring a sense of the supernatural to these tracks. Creepy, grim, raw, occult, and just awesome stuff, now that I’ve had the time and am scoring this stuff on vinyl I’m revisiting it and remembering all the chills and shivers from the frosty and barren sounds contained within this album.