Friday, January 21, 2011

W.A.I.L. – S/T (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions 2011)

I’m still riding high on my weird Finnish metal buzz and just after scoring some extra rare copies of early Irritate and a Dead Reptile Shrine this raging bastard comes stomping and storming to my ears!!!!! The best way to describe it is to say that it would be a perfect release on Hells Headbangers as there’s a good mix of Beherit/Ride for Revenge/Profanatica/Horse Lattitudes…it’s a death/black/sludge/gutteral/doom metal cyclone!!! There’s no way to categorize it as anything aside from electrifying!!!! This thing is so heavy, oozing, raw, low-end, bombing, shredding, pummeling, growling, nauseating, groovy, infectious and just completely unavoidably addicting. I put this one on and my skin instantly began to crawl right off he bone. Everything about this band is unique, well executed, filthy, heavy and just incredible!!!! Seriously, if you are a huge HHR label nut like I am you’d have to do everything including kill to get a copy of this release.

There’s this perfect trade off between doom death stuff like Winter/Autopsy/Coffins and black metal, and it really makes your bowels wrench at times like going down the first psychotic dip in a rollercoaster ride through some vast demonic vortex close to light speed. Each track is different in sound and mood but never out of place, some parts are dark and haunting and others thrash and gnarl with angular melodies and that distorted crusty diesel engine riff sound that crumbles everything at the right volume. To know this is essential is as obvious as realizing that Charles Manson bears an uncanny resemblance to the bastard Christ!!!!

Here's a link to listen one of the 5 killer tracks on this beast to hold you over until it's release:

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