Saturday, May 8, 2010

Desolate Void/ The Last Van Zant/The Parish (Crimes Against Humanity Records)

A new found buddy of mine sent this my way to review, he usually sends me the black and death stuff but along comes this sludge three-way that he felt I might like and I was sold after skimming through the Desolate Void tracks. 30 Seconds was all it took to convince me that this was one of those audio stains that I didn’t want to get out of my brain. No pussy grass stains (unless we’re talking about a different type of grass): this one is blood, sweat, mud, and beer; the true markings of the sludgehead.

In the Desolate Void tracks, all five, there is nothing but fast paced endorphin raging: Acid Bath/EyeHateGod/Black Tusk/Black Cobra, screeching and growling over a fist clenching storm of blazing fast riffs and bar room brawl inducing metal here. Southern Fried and greasy, steaming and dripping with the stench of horrid heat, hangovers and one hell of a wild night out, don’t blame me or these guys if you go ape-shit under the influence of this stuff, we warned you. With tracks titles like: “Broken Bones and Bullet Holes”, “ Ungrateful Bastard”, “Expect The Worst”, “ Unburn”, and “ 13”, you can’t go wrong here.

The Last Van Zant is another high-speed and low-end distorted obliteration of your senses through trench warfare in a pit. You can smell the BO, feel the boots in your back and the feel of someone’s face going into your fist as you spin around in a drunken frenzy that’s worth the bruises and possible broken bones (whether they’re your or not). This band brings the energy and addictive rhythms of the great bands mentioned above already. “Standing in Blood” really brings me in with the phrase, “Don’t mind me…Standing in Blood”, that alone makes me want to swing and go hog wild and blitzkrieg on everything around me. Another six tracks of solid adrenaline and drunken anarchy, approach with caution.

Now for the last two essential contributions to this split, I give you The Parish. Nothing different here from the other two, you just get a more epic Coffins/Winter sounding doom/death sludge on “Dark Days”, just as nasty and filthy as the other two bands, but this one is the darker side of it all. Killer riffs and slow Sabbathy grooves with growling vocals behind the mix sounding like a zombie in the background, almost a melodic stoner feel as well. Smooth and steady, melodic, yet every bit as aggressive and dangerous as the other two bands, The Parish polishes off this absolutely essential three-way sludge fuck as only the truly awesome could. If you can drink this one straight, you are one of the few and truly grimy…bottoms up!!!!!! This SOB SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!! Support the underground you shits!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Marrow – Of Slaughter and Slime 7” EP (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Here I am again presenting to you the best of the scum that floats to the top of the sewage pot of audio grime and disease (in other words the best stuff there is). Recently I’ve been receiving tons of amazing audio from artists and labels (including HPGD), and this band from Baltimore is one that leaves your ears bleeding and your larynx dangling out of what once was your throat. Bringing you the sounds of unneutered and feral Death Metal in the classic sense, expect nothing less than to have your senses shocked and awed as this arsenal of gore, classic screeching DM guitars, roaring riffs, and bludgeoning rhythm section saw through you and pummel your remains to dust. Don’t expect “run of the mill” death metal here, the technicality is present and competes with the best and genre defining while bringing to mind some of my current favorites: the Swedish war machine of Nominon, and Finnish export of Sectioned; but also has some of the best production on an EP that I’ve heard in a while, this stuff is well done.

The lyrics are as scathing and ferocious as Kult Ov Azazel on “Destroying the Sacred” but are spewing out the guts of their last victim rather than defiling the holy. The rhythms are a mix of catchy and ripping Thrash Metal, Brutal Death, and leave no gaps or sense of wanting in terms of brutality or low-end executioner style thunder. The slow motion screech as the guitarist slides up and down on the neck gives you that necessary “WRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” that assures you this is Death Metal before getting into shredding mode. I hate to name drop, when many reviewers do it it's wrong and I wind up buying one thing and expecting something different than what I got, plus the measure of a good band is that they sound like themselves and stand on their own which Marrow does and will slaughter anything in its path.

This is Death Metal of the highest caliber, the mega bore that you shove down some assholes throat and blast them into oblivion. Talk about melodic aggression, this EP is essential for anyone in need of a gore infused slugfest by the best that a band can throw out there will be satisfied with this release. An amazing band to watch out for!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Profanatica – Profanatitas de Domonatia (Hells Headbangers 2010)

I have to start out by saying “ Holy Fucking Shit…this is some angry and vulgar stuff !!!!!, but the more profane the better, in my honest and disturbed opinion. I scored this one up in LA last month and couldn’t resist reviewing it for the sheer blasphemy and hatred that lies within this web of noise. Here’s the next form of audio inspiration to encourage me to delve into my twisted taste of the depraved and morally toxic. Just when you thought that bands couldn’t conjure up any more intense hate, be any more lewd and bitter, blasphemous and horrid, and above all else kick massive ass, here comes another one to prove that the well of hatred has not run dry, you just have to dig deeper and eventually you will strike the riches of Hell as these guys have.

This is the sound of being beaten to death, the hatred fumes from the speakers unleashing the stench of the Antichrist and its rotting bowels. Low-end profanity of the purest form of audio obscenity lies within these mega- low end rumbles of doom heavy lead riffs, some slow and pulsing, other Blitzkrieg Mother Fucking storm trooper fast coming at you. I’ve said this in reviews before, but have to say it again, this is a soundtrack to killing someone with your bare hands: crowbar to the skull, solid wood slugger to the temples, spine pulverizing, blunt force adrenaline fueled aggression infused with agony and despair and a genuine 100% Kosher disgust with anything holy and sacred. Don’t blame the band if you start to piss on the altar and vomit in the holy water.

The tempos and rhythms run through you as you begin to holler obscenities until your lungs burst and throat melts and then you begin to bash in and break everything you can in a violent frenzy. The legendary Profanatica deliver once again, a massive act of defecation on anything beautiful and hallowed, raise your pint glass and belch as you chug to rejoice in the violation of the inviolable. If you love filth as much as I do and expect your music to be as immoral and debauched as I do at times, then pick this up and rather than “love they neighbor”, “Piss upon him instead”. AAAAHHH, that felt good!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celestia – Archanae Perfectii L’Arche Arcane des Parfaits (Drakkar Productions, 2010)

In the last 5-6 years French black metal has been continually raising the bar and dominating the blacker side of metal through: fusing shoe-gaze, classical, ambient, belligerence, abysmal darkness, depression, violent occultism, and weird time-signatures into a concoction of beauty and nihilism with artists such as Deathspell Omega, Alcest, Ameseours, Peste Noire, Diononychus, and so many others. It’s almost ridiculous to expect anything less than unadulterated atmosphere and perfection when it comes to these bands and Celestia definitely keeps its end of the deal here. In my reviewing and collecting I hear so many bands and even though lots of them may be solid and good, and manage not to fall short,but too many just don’t stand out whereas this band does, and boldly.

The similarities in sound to bands such as Alcest, Altar of Plagues, Carrion Wraith, Caina, are present, but there still is something that makes this album unique. The album opens with a classical guitar instrumental piece, “Grandiohsia Obverturae/Vue Du Ciel”, that sets the tone for the album as something sophisticated and beautiful, then the album takes a truly grim downturn on the next track in, but never seems to lose the feel of nature, a dark forest, and the haunting pagan spirit, especially with the gypsy guitar melodies behind the main fuzz on many of the tracks. I don’t want to ramble on about this and bore the hell out of the readers, but have to say that if you’re one of those assholes that thinks that beauty and melody mean “weak” and “pathetic” than you obviously have never heard this stuff and probably should stick to your clone brutal and raw bands and avoid taking the risk of experiencing something that actually is bone-chilling and hair raising without needing to wield a chainsaw or holler "Satan" every two-a-half seconds. It’s artists like Celestia that keep the black metal and atmospheric/pagan/occult spirit alive and strong through progression and real depth. I’m as big a gore and raw blistering hatred fan too, but I believe that evolution is the way to go and need my break from the barebones and brimstone at times too.

This is some of the most intricate and well-executed releases that I have heard recently, and that’s saying a lot with all of the great shit coming out this year. This is music for the early morning, misty and drizzling, foggy, wet cobble-stone streets, old Europa architecture, and the haunting feeling of being the last mortal on Earth surrounded by only the spirits of the dead to keep you company. This will suck your soul out of you for sure, so beware if you’re one of the weak, stupid and pathetic, mentioned above. Absolutely essential and timeless music is contained within this release, not just for black metal and metal listeners, this stuff also is perfect for those who are fans of Ataraxia, Desiderii Marginis, Celstial, Raison D’Etre, Steinklang/Ahnstern releases, Old Europa CafĂ©, Soleil Moon, and Cold Spring.