Friday, May 14, 2010

Sektor 304 - Soul Cleansing

What to say about this Portuguese dark electronic/industrial outfit except that it is the sound of the industrialized world, amost cyborg at times, rusty and barren. As you listen you begin to visualize the true feel of oppression and post apocalyptic scenarios. Close your eyes and see: old delapitated junkyards of electronic waste, where the run off from the first rains of the season are washing the circuit boards gently as they corrode like the morals of this modern world. The toxic stream trickles away from the mountain ranges of cheap plastic and mercury as it stains the Earth with its invisible cargo of carcinogens and ecological homicide. The pummeling of cold steel rhythms and rusted pipes beat a march of silent death to those forced to live in this contamination. The buzzing behind you of electronics circle, in and out, and around like a vulture watching for the next corpse to pick from as the booming voice from amidst this sonic chaos of the man-made machine jungle screams out like a totalitarian dictator. This is the sound of the machine made apocalypse, man is held captive to technology and forced, often violently, to have his sanity raped at the discretion of the machine.

"Body Hammer", is the sound of being held captive in a death camp under a totalitarian regime. You can only see shadows through what used to be your eyes before they were burned out by an acid wash. In this pseudo-darkness of greys you hear the whirring of a drill, stricken with fear you realize the worst. You don't need your eyes to see what's going on, the prisoner next to you cannot scream, as his tongue has been torn out, but the sound of the drill and the feel of the wriggling of the body is enough to paint the most vivid picture in your mind.

When I think of industrial, I think of the sounds of the decaying modern world. Percussive instruments are 50 gallon drums, rusted pipes, industrial grade chains, and broken glass. Power tools and engines obtain more than just a machanical utility and become an atmospheric element amidst the "Whirring" of electronic effects and sampled vocals. The voices are only half cipherable as they are fused between electronic and human sound. Fans of Einsturzende Neubauten, Deutsch Nepal, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound, Dissecting Table, Nordvargr, MZ.412,and Bastard Noise take note. High voltage audio sadism is contained within, prepare to be shocked and your mind warped as you peruse this depraved and desperate experience. One of the best mindfucks around, this will steal your soul and scald it 'til it's pure again!!!!

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