Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pathology – Legacy of the Ancients (Victory Records 2010)

Fellow San Diegans unleash a virus of infectious and hideous Death Metal this June by way of their latest vulgar spewing of brutal filth “Legacy of the Ancients”. If you haven’t heard this band yet, you must be deaf, they’re one of the loudest gore grunting horror fucks to rise from the dead. I’m not a fan of barf/monster effected vocals most times, but these creeps are the real deal. You can feel through the sounds the rotting bowels, septic flesh wounds, Ebola breathing, cannibalistic head banging monsters these guys are. You can hear: Immolation, Incantation, Malignancy, and massive grind elements within but this band still manages to pull it off as something of their own. I can’t get enough of this grime and grind/horror noise.

Obliteration and blood splatter coming your way low and HEAVY!!!!! I hope to catch these guys on tour with Immolation this year, they’ll be in the area in October, as they tour and spread the filth. Just when it seems that things are stale and even boring… and yes, even metal can be boring when it’s uninspired…this band does something that has been done before but somehow it still has something fresh about it. Maybe this bands rhythmic slaughter has caved my head in and my senses are malfunctioning, but I’m pretty sure that aside from my head being ripped off by vocal master zombie Matti Way I’m still sure that what I hear is pure slaughter in the brutal and bloodbath manner that makes this band so great.

This Fucker comes out July 6th, so sink your teeth into this one and catch them on tour, if they are this vicious on recording, you’ll never make it out alive form the live venture, but what a way to go.

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