Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Hate-Male" - Greatest Hits 1999-2009 A Decade of Noise

For over a decade now this man has chosen to invoke chaos in the form of discordant and rasping electronic sounds, but not all of it is pure obnoxious noise, there are moments of hypnotic sound spheres like highspeed tapeloops amidst an ocean of fuzz as heard on "Comatose Vegetable Dreamstate Incurred By Repeated Blows to the Cranium".

Some of the experience here is equally psychedelic and dreamlike as much as it is rigorous and sharp in spots. This artist takes the masterful skills of Nurse With Wound in many areas of this collection and explores it to a few different extremes. Nothing here is pure noise, it's all sculpted into this experience of feedback, loops, high voltage current, industrial whirs and hums, buzzes, some synth work, and almost humanlike voices that becomes a resonating trip into something as horrid as it is enjoyable.

There is nothing left out as far as power electronics goes, this has pulsing rhythms, low-end booms and hums of basstone, lots of sound manipulation, screeching and shrill effects, and comes off like a soundtrack of being submerged in a deep pool of electronic synth sounds both liquid and flowing as they are dense and surround you.

A Definite for fans of: Megaptera, Merzbow, Bastard Noise, Dissecting Table, Aube, In Slaughter Natives,Koerperwelten, NTT, Steel Hook Prosthesis, Painslut, Rasthof Dachau, and so many more...

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