Saturday, April 10, 2010

Namazu Dantai - Nocturnal Veils (No Visible Scars label release)

Another brilliant addition to the world of Power Electronics, this is some uneasy listening, apocalyptic and esoteric as well, but amidst the turmoil also comes some deserted and unperturbed textures of a cratered and barren surface completely deviod of life aside from your own. The feel of a storm, complete with thunder and the pandemic of the down pour of rain told through audio. The use of tape loops and real hands on recording and production is present here, not to mention a completely intense and equally distinct atmosphere. There are many layers to this abyss of electronic sounds, each one delicately planned and placed, with surgeons precision in each cut made into the compositions, each type of instrument/effect/sample specially located to create the right incision into the conscious and subconscious reality of the listener. This is the type of stuff that doesn't need, but could very well contain hidden messages to warp your mind and slowly turn you into a true psychotic. A subliminal, explicit, and well crafted audio journey into the darkest cavities of your mind and soul, the genuine experience of meeting your evil side and facing it, but ultimately losing to it as you begin to slice through your skin with the blade-like object closest in reach. The authentic feel of losing yourself into a schizophrenic mind set where senses and perceptions are confused, some completely lost, as you dangle over the edge of sanity and want to let go and plummet, but can't yet.

I really respect artists like this one, whose name I will leave out for a sense of anonymity, who are true to what they believe and speak. No hypocrisy here, no elitist shit, no bullshit, just honest Fuck you, humankind is worthless overall. I'm becoming more and more pissed off at labels and crap, NVS and anything supported on this site is against bullshit, the real DIY and independent spirit lives on!!!!!!!

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