Friday, April 9, 2010

Du Hexen Hase - S/T (Debacle Records)

As this is a DIY and extreme/obscure and independent music site I am always beyond stoked to be able to review stuff like this one." What the hell is this stuff ? ", is the type of response this stuff will trigger when played to untrained ears, but honestly even I can't answer that well enough except to say that it's some sort of dark psychedelic distortion experiment.

Several things come to mind while listening to this : Nurse With Wound, the tape loops and sampled/jarbled feel of the effects; Acid Mothers Temple with their more experimental soundventures; Circle, for the eccentricity and mixture of musical elements; James Plotkin and his billions of musical projects; maybe some Einsturzende Neubauten; Faust; Guru Guru...the list could go on forever. There's so much ingenuity and atmosphere within this 3 track album, that it's hard to say that it's anything but trippy and a must for anyone into anything just mentioned. This would also go over really well for the drone heads into Sunn, the Southern Lord catalog, older Earth, and all of those instro/guitar/effect projects, Bass Communion, throw in some Aphex Twin even. This is a crazy concoction of some guys running amok with effects, musical equipment, LSD, and some massive THC buzz. Definitely like old kraut/weird stuff, which is one of the main reasons that I dig it. Cool, trippy, crazy, unusual audio. If you truly dig the trippy, you must hear this Seattle based group. Fans of Japanese experimental from the 70's up until now will really enjoy this one (AMT,Brush, Circle Triangle Square, Marble Sheep, Green Milk From the Planet Orange,etc. ).

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