Friday, April 9, 2010

The Dead White - Endless Mess (Debacle Records release)

As a music fanatic, especially of the unique and independent variety that create real soundscapes and stay true to the art of underground music, this artist was exactly what I was looking for and am able to find thanks to indie/DIY labels like Debacle, NVS, and Frequency 13. Running my own DIY thing, even with backing of great known artists, look at the reviews, and affiliations with sites like, it's still an absolute bitch to get labels to work with you, even though it's free advertising for those pricks and many claim to be DIY, "Cult", "underground", "indie" and all the other bullshit terms associated with stuff that falls flat and is no where near what it claims to be. Due to artists like this and some of those just mentioned, it makes it worthwhile to keep it going.

To describe this album would be to say that it lies somewhere between Krautrock (the more spacey and komische), ambient, decent showgaze and minimal electronic (no beats). Maybe imagine Boards of Canada in their more soundscape and less groovy tracks, some Aphex Twin (early years) ambient, Robert Rich, Biosphere, all combined. This music evokes the feel of a mellow morning, the sun coming up, a great filtered synth describing the blowing of a wind through the trees, the loops continuously hypnotizing you deeper into a trance as the first track is about 14 minutes in and then suddenly a distorted guitar comes into the mix and the loops speed up...then it just shuts off. It starts back up almost like it's ignition won't start completely and it skips,then returns fully with a bit darker ambient feel, but also a lot like Boris on their shoegaze album Flood. There's a certain sense of true DIY here, as if it's almost a live recording done all in one shot and is completely improvised and the artist can really use effects and make it all come together... true ambient genius here, and that's only describing the first of two long tracks.

The second is very much an experimental attempt gone right, this one is very ambient again until it reaches halfway, then it comes in full force with screeching feedback and distorted guitar, that makes me want to jump up and scream Boris, or think of some weird black metal/instro/crazy project. This stuff here proves that true artists are still in existence, true underground and spontaneous music is being made, and that ambient is anything but boring, no drone here, but drone heads would dig this shit for sure. Check out and support real music, support real labels with real artists that they actually support, not bullshit them and the rest of us. All of these cdrs are hand numbered and limited, I love the DIY packaging even, but it's well done DIY and almost feels like some weird vinyl find somewhere in a dusty crate with only a white label and clear slipcover.

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