Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Onlsaught of old school Death metal just came in!!!!!

A new contact for the show and this site delivered a pile of KILLER death metal and black metal. I will be working through the listening pile to get the reviews up and they will be featured all week on the show. Be sure to check back for the reviews but also check out the bands: Nominon, Sectioned, Sacrilegious Impalement, and Pure Evil. My personal collection expanded to include some not so new but essential stuff: Winter, Bestial Mockery, and Dead Congregation.

Not to mention some more NVS harsh industrial chaos coming in soon, truly DIY and excellent stuff.

Also check out the links area to get in contact with the labels and bands themselves...the sounds of hell rest upon you!!!!!

Reviews in the works for Finnr's Cane, new album out "Wanderlust", great ambient black metal with a Velvet Cacoon/Wolves in the Throne Room feel.

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