Monday, March 22, 2010

Kult Ov Azazel - Destroying the Sacred

This is music for the left-hand path , music for the true individualist, those who not only see past bullshit but call it out when they come across it and fling it back at those assholes who deserve it. It's really bands like KOA here that prove that Satan is not just a cult figure blown way out proportion and a mockery thanks to so many bands shouting the name and imagery. True Satanism is rebellion and individuality, anti-conformity and anti-organized religion, and out of these guys extensive catalogue this album is definitely Satanic in those terms. Lying somewhere between epic black metal, thrash, and classic black metal, this release is quality without compromise.

As the album title boldy states, "Destroying the Sacred", this album does exactly that with it's almost thrash-like guitar riffs coming at you like a chainsaw, the drums belting you a black eye, and the vocal delivery so damned well executed that you can feel the intensity and's Hell's fury coming at you. In fact my stand out track is the title track, "Destroying the Sacred" , which is unmistakably summing up their message in literal explicit terms, the destruction of "Christians, Muslims, and Jews" or basically the brainwashing , backstabbing, true hate mongoring conformist institutions that contiually breed stupidity and dependence and set us back centuries as people turn to these doctrines to hide and sweep their own skeletons farther back into the closet. The rhythm on this track is that of an anthem to march out of Hell and obliterate the last 2000+ years of this bullshit and re-establish social Darwinism where the weak shall persish at the hands of the strong. This is by far one of my absolute favorite tracks period from the black metal realm. "Slaughter the Prophets" is another stand out for me, with the title being shouted as the assault of the drums gives the feel of watching Christ being marched to his crucifixion and the audience shouting this as he passes by on his last parade. This album is almost majestic in it's fuming hatred and execution, I'd love to see these guys live doing this album, it'd be hard not to beat the shit out of someone to though.

At a time when black metal is breaking many boundaries musically and throwing away the "Raw...Cult...Grim..." excuse for mediocre dribble to be packaged as a return to Burzum,this album, as said already, is a non-stop assault and battery of monstrous metal artillery. This is what war sounds like in terms of music and it's as angry and adrenaline packed as "..the smell of Napalm in the morning...". Destroying the Sacred is an aggressive and flawless metal album, another major " raise your Middle-finger up high..." release. No throw away tracks, no monotony, no bullshit and dramatics, just blistering,blazing, scorching, annilhilating metal.

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