Saturday, March 20, 2010

Olde Corpse Road - The Echoes of Tales Once Told (Self Release)

I lucked out around December when I came across this band on a killer black metal comp, UK Black Metal Vol. 2, released by the webzine " The UK Legions of Black Metal ", which is not only a damn good comp. but the webzine is awesome too, so check that out if you get a chance (I'll add the link at the end of the review).

The third and closing track, "The Oakmen of Naddle Forest", is an eleven minute opus that is really one of the best closing tracks that I've heard. These guys go from great old Emperor via In The Nightside Eclipse, mix in some Nordland era Bathory and Windir, some great Death metal riffs and vocals toward the end, toss in a bit of acoustic pagan instrumentals in the middle and you have one hell of fucking track. This is some seriously complex and talented shit here!!!!!! A mix of the best of pagan/black/viking metal and toss in some death metal feel for a few lines, the atmosphere here is definitely of medieval folklore and gnomes. The build up throughout the track is perfect taking on the journey through climax, bridge, riff, rhythm, it's just many times can a track be said as PERFECT!!!!! If anything, check this track out. It'll be on my show every night for the next week or so to see if anyone checks it out.

The other two tracks on this EP are very much like symphonic/pagan black metal as mentioned in the description of the last track. The chorus is perfectly timed with clean and traditional black vocals together, you almost smell the ale flowing and the stench of the woolen kilts and blood. I go back and forth on pagan/folk metal personally, much of it is too much folksy and becomes goofy, but not these guys. Fans of: early Emperor, Bathory, Enslaved, Windir, Summoning; and newer acts like: Drautran, Farsot, Kampfar will burn the village listening to this band .

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