Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gravsahl - ...A part of Nothing

I really lucked out when this guy contacted me for my show...described as atmospheric metal similar to Summoning, I immediately knew this one was a definite "must" for myself. This project is a solo artist from Germany who not only remains anonymous even to me, which in my opinion is truly awesome, but he's even refused label offers to remain independent and free of bullshit and complications, that's some true "DIY/cult" attitude right there. This attitude shows in the complexity and depth of the music as well. I'd say that the Summoning comparison is very accurate, but this is also very much it's own sound and feel.

The vocals are in the mix, they blend in well to create the ideal hazy/foggy atmosphere of a northern European pagan dusk or twilight. The keyboard work is some of the best ever in terms of creating the right atmosphere without being so overpowering and sort of borderline Prog "keyboardy", this is some sophisticated stuff, definitely a bar raisier. Along with bands like : Summoning, Wolves in the Throne Room, Velvet Cacoon, some Blut Aus Nord; this atmospheric and intensely dark music is just oozing with dew and mist, victories of war and the supernatural.

Pagans and participants of the left-hand path rejoice, this is music for conjuring up the dead, holding rituals, and slaughering the last of your enemy to obtain victory. This music is absolutely perfect for a cold night with a nice ale and a wicked storm, or even just relaxing in a dark, candle-lit room reading. This is best for anything requiring darkness and silence, if this is what being a truly independent artist does to you then there is hope, desparaging and opaque hope...

Check out Gravsahl :

This album is available from the sight as a download so definitely check it out for the bleak atmosphere, Cthulu and Tolkien fans will especially love this stuff I'm sure.

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