Friday, March 26, 2010

Ebonillumini - The Ebon Channel

The sound of this London band is yet another one too hard to put in words, but so incredibly intricate, gloomy, mysterious, and definitely fitting in somewhere between pagan/atmospheric black metal, neo-folk, ethereal, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The vocals remind me instantly of the best Siouxsie moments ( for me: "Blow the House Down" and "Cities in Dust"), and some Ataraxia as well, The Maiden Marshall has the perfect voice to pull off the esoteric and cryptic sound without being too operatic and over the top. This band fits well into the more ethereal Christian Death era, Cocteau Twins, Nythra, Nekyia, Dead Can Dance (first album) sort of sound... symphonic, acoustic, woeful, perplexing and magnetic for sure...also runs parallel to the dark prog Doom acts from Italy like Paul Chain, THC Witchfield, The Black, Akron... I'd even throw in some Arcturus as well.

"Jung" starts out like a Raison D'Etre, Desiderii Marginis, Atrium Carceri track, some field recordings of old doors creaking and slamming as someone walks down a hollow hall with soft spoken words of dark poetry behind the atmosphere as it flows throughout the song. Chimes ring and suddenly the mood switches to beautiful and the feel of light shining through begins as the vocals and acoustic passages turn into soft ethereal sounds.The feel of moving amongst the shadows is felt deeply throughout.

"Wax Tribe" stets out as an atmospheric Black Metal track with male vocals and a sound similar to Carrion Wraith/Brown Jenkins/Velvet Cacoon, then it quiets down for a second and the acoustic guitar and goth/folk feel comes back. The track moves smoothly between the two styles giving it the ideal mood, but also shows the superior skill and variation of this band.

This is highly recommended in general, but esepcially if you like the sounds of : Caina, Alcest, Cocteau Twins, Altar of Plagues, Lifelover, Blut Aus Nord, Hellveto, Wolves in the Throne Room, Carrion Wraith, and the many mentioned artists above. The fusion of so many dark and moody elements in this album surpass most descriptions that are substituting for the experience itself, so simply put ... it's an experience to be had. Yet another essential release for the black/folk/ambient/martial genres and for those of us out there looking for true atmosphere of the occult and an almost theatrical Victorian feel.

Check them out at:
they appear to still be unsigned which is unbelievable.

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