Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bloodthirst - Sanctity denied

Another blistering album of war metal just seething with fury and hate, this is some seriously fast and massively aggressive metal, a steam engine of malevolence and sadism heading your way. Thrash heads take note.... this is true headbanger fuel of the highest octane rating!!!!! An audio recipe of Kreator and Funeral Mist hacked to bits and blended with shreds of with some Kult ov Azazel, a pinch of the blood of Bathory, simmered in Blood Feast and a drop or two of the oil of Bestial Mockery and heated over the flames of hell. The old days of speed, technicality and incredible aggression are returning with this Polish bird of prey, pillaging the posers and blitzkrieging the pathetic.

Of all the stuff that comes my way, especially as of late with my collection mainly consisting of classic and rare death metal and crust, this one proved yet again that something wicked this way comes. You old school thrash/metal heads like myself will gladly lose yours in the blades of this shredding machine of metal. A triumph to be heard by another band that manages to create the sounds of the glory days and spew it out with just a slightly different stench of rotting bowels and necrolust. If anything here has triggered your senses then PICK THIS FUCKING THING UP!!!!!!!!

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