Saturday, September 22, 2012

Larvaefilled lung – Dead Body Lover cassette

Here’s yet another reason that we need small distros like Degenerate Slime to stay alive, because honestly, where the Hell else can you find these weird under the radar polished turds?

LFL is Japanese horror inducing, industrialized, distorted, and vomited up gore noise like bacteria infested fungal Kim Chee splattering like a fire hose out of control. The drum machine sounds like machine gun with a massive fit of  “roid rage” as the goopy pussing maggot worms of inhuman vocal sludge ooze forth through the rotted esophagus eaten away with caustic acid erosion as the decomposing meat spews forth fresh nauseating forms of life. Much like Arthropox, the feeling is controlled chaos and fluid, viscous fluidity like that of curdling bile, and something very insect/maggot-like, but here there’s a hint at power electronics as well. Much of the actual sonic sounds are compressed and manipulated into massive tectonic plates of fuzz that slowly maneuver back and forth to create a colossal sense of anti-rhythm.

I have no idea if this is really a Japanese based act or just Japanese themed, but it’s not like it really matters, the material is still awesome. It looks as though DSD still has it in stock so spend the $4 and get all of the action of full-fledged dysentery without actually shitting and puking yourself blind.

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