Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Death Ghidrah - Rebirth of Devastation Tape (Subhumanoid Soundscapes 2012)

Sci-fi/industrial mastermind Ray Rivera, also behind such notable black metal/noise/power electronics atrocities such as: Fellatrix Morgue, Putrescent Fog, Anuus Altaar, and large number of others; brings us this 90’s techno pumping muscular spasm meets sci-fi courtesy of Death Ghidrah. Loaded like a colon at a chili cook-off with cheesy 50’s and 60’s sci-fi film samples and alien apocalypses accompanied by an electro/techno base, this Demo is explosive and deadly, but certainly not silent (….had to make a fart joke there).

“All Resistance is Useless” is a throbbing plasma of well placed Atari-like detroit/berlin electro/techno beats and sci-fi horror with a slight nod to Eye Gouging Mayhem (that same individual responsible for EGM is also responsible for this monstrous damage).

“Rebirth of Devastation” is an electronic powerhouse of rhythmic pulses and robotic percussion with classic sci-fi horror film clips sampled and mixed in with the arcade hubbub of squiggly bleeps and blurps with an almost 80’s –early 90’s industrial feel (Front 242, Frontline Assembly, Cabaret Voltaire, Revolting Cocks).  

The third and final licking from the Ghidrah is “Nuclear Pulse”, a song that fits the same MO as the prior two, leaves me feeling cheated in that I just get into the groove and then it’s OVER!!!!! Aside from the shortness of Rebirth… this is nonetheless essential and I REALLY look forward to hearing a full length from this new project of his in the near future. This seriously, without a doubt, some of the coolest shit ever!!!!

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