Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ectovoid – Fractured in the Timeless Abyss

Here are 9 tracks of U.S. Death Metal butchery that combine the throaty sinister vocals and blasphemy of Immolation with some doom bass thrusting that’ll please rabid Autopsy and Cianide nuts while challenging the boundaries of classic and modern death metal slaughter. Immediately Ectovoid whack you with a steel fist of bass and then begin to rapidly berate you with down tuned riffs and inhuman tones. They even throw in some unique time signatures and pull out all the tricks to keep the pulse bordering on inducing cardiac arrest while dry drowning you in bone dry charred crematory remains and never EVER being predictable, not even for a fraction of a second.

Everything about Ectovoid is pure necropsy. Although it’s alive and kicking in the rumbling bowel wrenching “Shapeshifting Mass” , but is comprised of decomposed and mutilated bits and hosted by condensed evil, no soul, this son-of-a-bitch devours souls into nothing thus violating the laws of the universe as matter is indeed being destroyed.  The overall tempo is slower death metal with emphasis on the force of attack rather than blitzing as can be heard and felt in the continually rumbling tones and riffs that’ll rattle and subsequently scare someone into shitting themselves form the Vibrational shock waves on “Splintered Phantasm”, especially when that drumming comes in like fully automatic cannon.

You can grab any of the nine assaults on here and find the same strengths throughout: obliterating heaviness in tones, rhythms, and vocals; unique song structures that almost borderline on prog/experimental sophistication leaving the listener in a state of constant anticipation and surprise all the while being charred from the intensity; absolute skill and development without any loss of absolute annihilating power; and extremely dismal and horror inducing lyrical atmospheres of envisioning caskets flying out from the Earth (“Emanating Spectral Vapor”) and much more. This type of death metal is a weakness of mine, there’s little to no melody yet the rhythms make up for it alongside flesh shredding leads and the entire thing comes across as a narrative of some kind of murderous Hell, but the main thing that makes it so incredible is the consistent flow throughout. Nothing is forsaken, nothing is predictable or pretentious, no bloating, just blackened annihilation with a solid and brutally tight rhythm that cannot be imitated, bullshitted, or undermined. Solid and perfect blackened death doom chaos is what you get with Ectovoid.

Listen for yourself and prepare to have all doubts of death metal mastery removed by force and humiliation: http://hellthrasherproductions.bandcamp.com/album/fractured-in-the-timeless-abyss

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