Friday, July 20, 2012

The Communion – A Desired Level of Unease 12” (one-sided)

One of Prison Tatt Records very latest releases and a very unique addition to my collection this LP lives up to the titles description as The Communion blend early true 90’s sludge Eyehategod/Acid Bath/Seven Foot Spleen/Noothgrush with the modern twist of Seven Sisters of Sleep and Integrity stirring up a stampede of shrieking anti-social/anti-PC lyrics with a crust metal texture, doomy blaring chords, and early grind obliteration reminiscent of early Napalm Death/Deviated Instinct/Cripple Bastards.

If, like myself, you’re now completely nauseated and repulsed by the continual stream of crossover bands and sludge clones, but can’t help but still love those styles from their original days, then pick up The Communion!!!! You’ll get the right fix for the right sounds and feel, minus the gimmicks and piggy backing that too many bands and labels thrive on these days. Another plus to this is that there’s no Eyehategod or Neurosis worship, just blast beats and swells of distortion and REAL angst…and the frequent Crowbar downtuned riff crushing down like a crane falling on your head.  Just check out the audio samples on the PTR page and you’ll hear the definite Seven Foot Spleen classic and true sludge sound on “Gash Ladder” and the more blast beat oriented thick sonic assault of “Rabid Bats”.


  1. hey this is Nick (vocals). thank you so much for the review, and thanks for grouping us with some of old favorites (Eyehatehod, Integrity, Cripple Bastards), some new favorites (Seven Sisters of Sleep), and bands i've never heard before but am checking out now and loving very much (Seven Foot Spleen). really happy you liked the record.

    great site and thanks again!

    1. Hey Nick,
      I'm glad you liked the review as much as I did the record!!!! SFS are really unique as were most of the bands from that time period!!! Let me know or check with Wm. and we can do an interview for this site and Hellride as a bonus!!!