Sunday, June 24, 2012

March of the Hordes/Escape the Flesh – Split (Lavadome Productions)

This some seriously mean motherfucking death metal obliteration loaded with D-beats, blackened crust as fuck vo-kills and a backdrop of even more crusted crusty crust crunching guitar tones and abominating rhythms of execution with “Last Stand of Heaven”. “Frozen Void” is showing some signs of crust, but overall it’s just some seriously mean and ugly bare knuckle brawling old school death metal vomit with some of the classic Swedish influence for increased debauchery and penetrating power!!!! Although only having released two splits, if I ever come across these bastards again, it’ll be an essential ass kicking that I will devotedly shell out some cash for!!!!

Escape the Flesh is bit more of the doomy and bass heavy bombing raid thunder of Swedish death metal with some of the newer potency of Hooded Menace and recent Finnish Hellhounds Solothus. The fucking riffs sound like what I’d imagine having oneself gutted by a table saw over and over and over again to get that bestial rhythm generated.

Free download here for both splits:

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