Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perdition Winds - S/T EP (Darker Than Black 2012)

Perdition Winds is the apex of exactly what I look for in black metal!!!!

“Purification” has a really clean production that brings out this brutal and hollow echoing effect to all of the instruments and vocals that actually sounds a though the band are live. The rhythms are clunky and heavy like massive boulders dropping, especially with the skins being beaten to a pulp, that gives the song a primitive occult atmosphere of ritual and blood sacrifice. The guitars are buzzing in a swarm of chaos and have a clean distorted sound to them that, in combination with the rhythms, yields a filthy, toxic, and addictive mixture. The bass tones really round it out to give it some serious brass knuckle knock out power rather than the common over trebly hazy gas like feel that is common in black metal.

The closest description that I can come up with would be to say that Perdition Winds is meeting of Finnish and Greek black metal styles, definitely some similarities to Serpent Noir with the cryptic occult ritual spots present toward the and of “Corrupted Image of God”. For black metal PW almost borderlines on the swampy but never sinks all the way into the muck, they just have this aggressive and “full” tone that almost does slug you right in the gut with the impact of being hit by Hummer.

“Perdition Winds” ditches the ritual and secretive doings of the cult and moves forward toward a full blown blitz attack of colossal dynamics and changes in rhythm that keep you jolted and electrified as the seedy underbelly of bass grabs you like a powerful undertow and drags you across the bottom of their black pool of evil. There’s also this epic and majestic subtlety to the sound in each song, but nothing involving symphonic or more atmospheric effects to give it that feel, these guys just create it naturally. The moaning at the beginning and throughout the song is like that of some werewolf cursing at the moon.

Ending with the bloodfreezing stomp of “Path Revealed” this EP could not have been any more gratifying to my ears except for being a full length. It’s about as Draconian and cult as one could possibly get, but with top notch production!!!! “Path Revealed” is like an old gothic horror tale come to life, but in shades of red only instead of black and white and especially emphasized in its soft strumming outro.

Recommended overall, but especially for fans of: Embrace of Thorns, Varathron, Serpent Noir…

Not yet available, but in the works from German label Darker Than Black, so check out the link below periodically for updates on the release date.

Also, the track titles should be correct, but the zip files that I get sometimes h

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