Saturday, May 19, 2012

Naked Whipper – Pain Streaks (self-release/independent)

Incredible classic crusty grind with a bit of a death metal streak from Germany, a very RAW and poor production that in some ways adds as opposed to subtracting from the power of the album. Naked Whipper is essential!!!! If you like stuff like Black Witchery, Perversor, Necroholocaust, Conqueror, Impaled Nazarene you’ll love this shit!!!! It’s VERY early styled Death metal, before death metal was “death metal” and just a bunch of miscreants banging around creating aggressive and addicting noise.

The sound fades in and out on some of the songs and there’s some crackling too, but the fucking punishment they induce with those riffs is just deadly. The vocals are pretty good too, nice and raspy, ridden with filth and a bit of a nice death growl that with the crusty/thrashy death metal tone of the band reminds me of stuff like really early Master. There’s also a subtle old school Swedish Death metal influence on a few tracks here and there, especially with that throttling bass tone that they have going on. Here with “Anal Queen”. Now I’m hearing a bit of a Bathtub Shitter/Unholy Grave tone in the vocals and rhythms, that’s very crusty/punk metal on “Painstreaks”.

Audio link for “The Ultimate Molestator”:
  “Anal Queen”

The others should show up with these links above so you can actually hear the entire album in advance. Naked Whipper is wild and raw and just what we need some days to get us into full-blown headbanger mode.

The album itself consists of 11 slaughtering anthems of ugliness on the first side and then the album tracks done live on the other side. I know this is also rare and original, from the early ‘90’s so don’t hesitate to grab a vinyl or tape version of this before it’s gone again. Pain Streaks is a classic lost gem of vile and cult metal!!!!


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