Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goat Synagogue – Law of the Headless Architect (Forgotten Wisdom Productions)

Starts out with “ A Dome Like a Nightsky”, a trippy symphonic intro with mournful spoken word vocals over a simple keyboard, probably single note or two note melody, but enough to set the tone for a  Transylvanian crypt atmosphere.

“33” is a Greek Black Metal attack of bombastic percussion and searing guitar riffing creating a swarm of evil as the vocals go between straight forward solo and chorus style. Some of the riffs are very Sodom/Kreator like blistering flashes that easily sever spines in a single blow, so expect a lot of high energy buzzing aggression, but with the simple Emperor ITNSE symphonic keyboard background there’s a really interesting combination in the mixing of it all that works REALLY fucking well!!!!!

“The Goatbomb Opressor” tends to rely more heavily on the Emperor ITNSE symphonic keyboard for its atmosphere, but the rawness of the recording and the shredding rhythm guitar that busts out chord changes and riffs like an onslaught of saw blades flying loose from an industrial saw gone berserk, it’s impossible not to recognize the brutality and ferocity present here.

Check out “The Goatbomb Opressor”:

This is a 3 song Demo (2011) from this Greek band, that repeats on both sides and is a glimpse into the glorious future and past of true black metal. It’s so simple and familiar, yet it’s still engaging and somewhat new…thankfully bands like this still exist. Forgotten Wisdom Productions share a roster with Hells Headbangers ( Superchrist, Denouncement Pyre for example) and have been around since 1999 so they don’t release crap. Check them out as well, they have audio under each release, and hear some great metal.

Both NWN and HHR are out of copies, but check the labels link above for their other distros and you’ll possibly track down a copy.

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