Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lutomysl – S/T (WOHRT)

This solo act from Ukraine, once known as Profane Solitude, brings some substance to melodic back metal that never goes into shoe-gaze but does have a skeletal feel and emotional grasp on the listener like the cold hand of death. The guitar work is really great, it shows a ideal balance between the trebly arpeggio black metal riffing style, thick and full distorted chords, and speed blending with melody but never delving into anything technical or out of bounds. It sounds as though Lutomysl has several guitarists working at once to create the density and drowning substance in the songs, and the solo/melodic work also shows promise. Regardless of mixing, or how it was all put together (which is awesome) the guy still had to create each piece and have it fit with the others, and the result is a flowing stream of frosted frustration and isolation that somehow feels separate from the river of self proclaimed misanthropic muck that brings insult to the reality of what others genuinely have done.

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