Sunday, March 4, 2012

Annthennath – States of Liberating Departure (WOHRT Records)

  All that I can really say aside from the usual “you gotta hear/experience this for yourself to fully understand...” blah is that Annthennath deliver misanthropic black metal as many of us can appreciate BUT they also delve into a sort of mystic journey on here without copping out to cliché. The album consists of 8 tracks, each representing a separate state of consciousness as one progresses through the album, and like many well crafted black metal pieces, you get that feeling of traversing through varied terrains of both sound and mind through melody, atmosphere and that certain black realm that puts the “black” in black metal. Even lovers of the crude and grimy vomitous black metal sounds (like myself especially) sometimes have to step back and be immersed into the intellectual and atmospheric territory now and again to keep us sane and somewhat refined (laughs).

check out the "Live and Livid Sounds of Filth and Fury"  page for an audio sample of this and other featured releases.

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