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Goregrind/porngrind/industrial Metal Filth



Although I’ve been a huge industrial/noise/power electronics fan alongside metal for decades now, recently I’ve been back off the purely metal wagon and rolling in the radioactive colostomy bag drippings from various bizarre and debauched labels/distros like my two recent findings: Vaginal Apocalypse Productions (Reclusa and Vomitoma really stick with you like an anal bead that’s been grown over by your colon tissue and is severely infected), and the Degenerate Slime Distro (real purveyors of everything intense and possibly disasterous to share your beloved interest in when in the wrong company); all of which specialize in an off beat violent horror porno gore noise industrial sludge and grind whose pulses will radiate your neural tissues into globs of neon red glowing putty that will look like someone vomited up nuclear waste. If this is your thing than there’re also labels like No Visible Scars, R.O.N.F, Malignant Records/Black Plague, RRRecords, Turgid Animal, Black Goat, and Frequency 13 with their CDRs of black psychedelic sludge/death/grind/anything to explode into a sulfurous yellow plume between your ears and consistently corrode the flesh into steaming wrinkled putty that is unrecognizable for post mortem identification. There’s also no shortage of diseased black metal, death metal, black noise to turn your blood into liquid shit like the Fellatrix Morgue fuck fest on their “Mortuary Rape” opus, that one is like giving head to a clawhammer…you won’t have the option to swallow because it’ll scrape, rip, and pry out your esophagus, larynx and possibly lungs while creating an upchucking violent bloodspasm. Some of this stuff is really hard to find info on, and some of it is very explicit, so the folks at Discogs can really help out when trying to figure out whose on what oddity,etc. If your stomach or morals are sensitive then I’d advise stopping here as this stuff can be pretty nauseating. Much of these releases are also self-release and so just feeling around helps out a lot, that’s what I do, although it makes some purchases a bit risky. Hopefully as I dig deeper into this audio abyss, that is as bizarre and awkward as having your urethra and colon swapped then trying to take a leak, I can shed some light on this broad and interesting, if not sometimes completely essential, and amazing stuff.

 Here are some Toliet/Scatophiliac bands to start off with a sense of humor although they don’t all live down to their names, and one or two iffy gore ones:

 Anal Cake
 From the stuff that I’ve heard, their split with Infantiphiliac is high on my want list, but isn’t even listed on discogs(?) so it’s probably some rarity put out by the band on download or in a very limited quantity. The split with Infantiphiliac is more like Reclusa and Vomitoma, it’s like industrialized sludge. The vocals are indecipherable gurgling from effects like that of a recording of one’s stomach sounds prior to a massive diarrheal surge that’ll leave the scene looking as though a septic system threw up, but on the really bad gore grind stuff circulating that sounds like a child’s whiny crying combined with muffled sharts in a public restroom stall recorded on a cheap toilet microphone. These guys do it RIGHT (even though it does still sorta sound like the aforementioned shart)!!!!!!! I also really highly recommend their split with Noise Nazi, although that one is a no sludge and machine gun overload of percussion and walls of noise underneath like a gutteral tidal surge. Yes, everything here is inspired by shit!!!

 Clogged stomach This U.S. based act has a cassette, “Demo 6”, available from Degenerate Slime, but the link below is from their “Abdominal Septic Tank” release. Check out their “Blistered Syphilis” below:

Here’s another:

 I’m sort of “on the fence” with this one given it’s more of the generic “bongwater” vocals variety. Urinefestival sounds like Jarbled excerpts of cannibalism that sounds like some sort of alien porn video intercepted, and then the blasting gorenoise artillery and gurgling pus bubbles begin to erupt.
Okay, now the title really does fit, but it’s just so much fun to blast at full volume, it’s like a bad memory of receiving a swirly!!!

 Now on to the serious and essential stuff:

Black Mold Phallanx
All I know about BMP is that it appears to be a solo satanofecalgorepornosci-fi possession of someone/thing going by the title of “The Dead Spider” who is in charge of all the ‘Fungal Disingorgement, Bassludge, Auditorial Poisoning, Scum Programming…’ on its Unsanitary Breeding Ground Cassette. Now on the split with Pus Pox, BMP is alphanumeric and in charge of ‘…dissolving acidic sewage, deranged auditorial poisoning…’, but in actuality who the Hell cares as long as they put out this horrific industrial death grind flatulence (at least I don’t)? In fact, BMP is the type of act I’d expect on a label such as Crucial Blast/Crucial Blaze, No Visible Scars, Malignant/Black Plague, R.O.N.F., Turgid Animal, and any other respectable labels that specialize in power electronic/noise/industrial/weird ambient and experimental/extreme metal. Unlike many acts in this obscure and commercially unpopular cluster of overlapping genres, BMP is a bit of a master with effects and sound manipulation and the end result is a bit of heinously brutal down tuned death metal/death grind riffing and the “bong water” or “bathtub fart” vocals legitimately sound like some alien intestinal worm infection gone awry. If anything can be taken away from the BMP experience, it’ll be the acknowledgement that the bastard spawn of extreme metal and classic skull stomping industrial has been unleashed and will eventually consume us all like a shit craving zombie that morphed out from an ‘intestinal worm infection’ as mentioned before. The percussion isn’t the usual drum machine “firing squad” raining of shell casings, it’s actually programmed into deep throbbing and clanging mechanical industrial. BMP puts some serious effort into these droppings and is a definite MUST for those into the more industrial and dark heavy sounds. If you like Sewer Goddess, Reclusa, Mortician, Black Leather Jesus, Wolf Eyes, the experimental, classic noise/power electronic and/or death industrial, or simply curious then check out BMP. It’ll probably have to cost you the $4 for the cassette/s, as this stuff is a tough loaf to pinch using Google to get sound samples. Purchase info: Degenerate Slime Distro, $4 each and all are worth picking up if you have cassette playing capabilites.

Just got this one in today, a split cassette with Geist, and it’s pretty damn good goregrind but as usual there’s no real web info for who this is aside from the links below to start out with. First off, Putrephilia is definitely creative and solid goregrind with lots of twisted pornographic and humorous audio clips, I’ve been playing this one for about an hour or two on repeat each day because it’s just that awesome. Carcass is prevalent here, but overall it sounds like wicked ass death metal with weird gurgly vocals that work, where with many others they typically don’t. Honestly, at times this act just rips out the pig squeel and blistering neck work that will leave you staring blindly into space holding your innards in your arms. The Geist side is equally terrorizing with solid melodic death metal riffs, lots of grooves and well executed rhythms and of course GORE. I really have to hand it to Geist to get the old school death metal/gore addict in me all stirred up and fiending again… this stuff seriously reminds stuff like Dead Infection, longer Naplam Death songs, and some General Surgery. Simply put: both bands deliver a classic early 90’s slaughter with a speed death metal crossing with goregrind and it’s FUCKING BRUTAL!!!!!

 Fans of Abscess, Mortician, Malignancy, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Carcass, Dead Infection, General Surgery, Napalm Death…in other words, “THIS IS ESSENTIAL UNDERGROUND GOREGRIND(that’s still metal)!!!!!! Here’s a few others that I’ll have to follow up on when I get more listening time into them, but they sound sort of worthwhile:

 SewerCunt Black Putrefaction

I already ranted and raved extensively over their recent split cassette with Degenerate Slug (NVS), but that’s not the extent of their catalog of audible demon guano by any means. Fall of 2011 also bore witness to their full length, The Anti-Conscience (Crucial Blaze), which steps away from the sewer sludge power electronic and sodomizing actions taken out on the mechanical textures of classical industrial from their split with DS only to trudge deeper into a gurgling pit of inhuman grotesque atmospheres steeped in radioactive manure, all the while combining swampy reptilian sicko ambient with slamming riffs of distorted sludge wrecking balls ( like “ -98.6F” which opens the album and probably your skull with metal clamps). I was hooked when hearing “Systematic Abandonement”, the eerie five-minute spoken voice only track consisting of the audio sample, “All my friends are dead”, which echoes and diffuses repeatedly throughout a vortex of foggy clatter over a background of almost discernable chatter from what sounds like a television in the background and people in a coffee house or subway tunnel, slowly being vacuumed into some vortex of horror. Reclusa are a very unique and essential staple to the harsh and extremely heavy audiophiles diet. The name Reclusa means that you’ll always get that consistent mindfuck with every listen, the bar of “extreme” and “hard hitting” will always be raised and then consequently rammed up the unsuspecting and unbelieving arse, and that no two releases will ever be redundant. Reclusa is filthy, throbbing, scalding, black, thick, and ready to humiliate and suffocate you like being dipped into boiling asphalt. If you haven’t grabbed the split with Degenerate Slug yet, then do so now (it’s limited),the Doorway to the Perpetual Suffering cassette (Vaginal Apocalyspe Productions limited to 125 copies), and also pick up The Anticonscience CDr and anything else of theirs while you can. 

Audio links:


Purchase info: Hells Headbangers, No Visible Scars, Crucial Blast, WOHRT Records, Vaginal Apocalypse Productions, Malignant Records,Degenerate Slime Distro.

 Sewer Goddess
Sewer Goddess is female fronted “Death Industrial/Power Electronics goes completely berserk and pre menstrual” genius. Aside from an amazing discography consisting of the two Malignant/Black Plague releases: Disciples of Shit and Live Waste, and the brilliant (full-length) spawn of psychological sepsis, With Dirt You are One; there have been various splits with renown shit throwers Reclusa, Diseased Oblivion, and probably a few others floating around, but the two cds on Malignant/BP are essential and considered by many to me masterpieces, myself included. Seriously, some of this stuff is exactly in the sound/atmosphere area of the black metal monstrosity of Finish mistress of masochism, Anguish (Hammer of Hate), where it’s full throttle shrieking female bestiality and raw flesh peeling inflictions of drawn out distorted guitar whiplashes, complete with ear piercing feedback wails and clattering drums. “Chained to the Cage of Existence”, originally from the split with Diseased Oblivion, and also caught in brilliant live form on the Disciples of Shit… comp, is a new standard of gritty and heinous cult black metal aesthetics as much as it is a unique battering ram to the bassackward ideal of restricting “heavy”,”brutal”, and “metal” to…well…metal. Sometimes I honestly here more black metal in this type of stuff than in most acts today, there’s also some great angular and rusted guitar melodies to be found once your ears stop ringing and burning from the distortion. “Slavepiece” is another shrieking wall of wailing feedback sirens, some crazy spontaneous solo shit on guitar in the background (that’s actually metal worthy) somewhere, and very reminiscent of weirdos like Blodulv. Metal fans of Abruptum, Blodulv, Wormsblood, Beherit, Black Funeral, Anguish, Burzum, Prurient, and Bone Awl will enjoy this venture into the other side of blackness and extreme expressions.

 Audio Links:

To many it may sound like the vocals are a “…bong” as someone commented on a Youtube blurb, but anyone familiar to the genre of extreme goregrind/porngrind/noisecore are not shocked by the mutated pre-diarrheal bowel growls. Besides, it’s not the vocals that matter in some of this more gutteral and putrid bodily fluid worshipping realm of noise, it’s the overall composure of “shit”, “intestines”, “arteries”, “urethras”, and anything involving the further vulgarization of them, especially violently. Okay, I’m just enjoying the sick subject matter and am a toilet humor fiend myself (like that’s a fucking shock, right?), but honestly within this genre you really of have to tread lightly because it is genuinely and not so amusingly full of SHIT, which is part of why I’m writing this toxic scroll to begin with. Vomitoma are AWESOME!!!!! Their songs tendto be on the short side, as is standard for the grind styles, but they really aren’t intended to be heard as 30 second blips but rather altogether as an album, therefore it may not be so clear as to why they are not mere “cyber bongs” depending on how you hear them. I’m also pretty sure they are not actual vocals, as the intention is to sound like something alien and very biological, especially like guts digesting or coming to life as some mutant carnivorous beast, and are usually served over or in the mix of sewage sludge/death metal riffing blasts. Much of the dynamics of their albums when all the brief blurbs combine gives birth (anally, of course) to something rotten and intriguing, inhuman, vulgar and addictive to the ears and deranged mind. In some ways, depending on the album, there’s an early drum machine Mick Harris and Napalm Death complexity and aggression that really catches my attention when it’s present. I’m really new to Vomitoma but after putting on Vomitomas recent spew fest, Coagulated Dialysis of Partially Distintegrated Viscerosolids, which inspired this entire write-up, I was rewarded with a massive stomper of intestinal industrialized sludge/grind that worked as an appetizer for digging around the sewage trough to uncover some more brilliant festering filth .
 Here’s a blurb from their split with Aggression Sonore, which I recently picked up and am personally really enjoying:

 Here’s another link:
 from their recent opus which, as I mentioned, was the inspiration for this bit of scat scribble. I really have to cut this off somewhere so I’ll do it here and serve up some other links.

Next write-up will cover Eye Gouging Mayhem in great detail and their killer related band Nunriders of Black Doom, some razor blade wrist slit black metal feces and who knows what the Hell else will come my way by that time.

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