Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poison Tongue-Lick You Sweety (No Visible Scars 2010)

Lethal and addicting!!!! Make no mistake, this is one seriously dense horror narrative told through a power electronics format and with the coldness of the electronic whirs and clanks cunningly maneuvering through the haze of rumble and hums of bass toned feedback, and no other medium could capture this accurate of a slasher or insanity scenario. As each track plays out like the soundtrack to a scene in a psychological thriller you get to thoroughly experience the graphic stalking events of the maniac and the adrenalizing suspense as you would in watching a classic thrasher filmor reading a really great book on weird murders. Artists like Poison Tongue have the natural ability to create the most intimate and graphicly horrifying experiences that only can be understood through the experience of listening. I have to admit that my mind mine is completely thirsty for this album and seems to get thirstier after each listen.

Tracks like "The Lizard Lord", "Diabolos", and "Lust" build up the suspense as you travel through the inner workings of a derranged sexual sadist, complete with inaudible human voices in the distance that are either a result of delusions or are a display of how muddled his reality is, as his only true reality is his quest for inflicting excrutiating pain on others. The tracks seem to lead up to "interlude", which is a throbbing bassline, pulsing, ordered chaos...i.e. the absolute climax to where the flesh is finally severed and the perps sense of sadistic thrill hits it's maximum. The album then comes to a perfect close with an almost warm buzz and hum of the dark ambient on "Ripping".

Not everyone has the capacity to sit and watch and read some of the stuff that is depicted through sound on here, but thankfully I CAN and gladly do. Influenced by the great Giallo films and following in the blood trail left by the dark and brilliant works of acts like: Atrax Morgue, Navicon Torture Technologies, Steel Hook Prosthesis, Rasthof Dachau, and similar artists, Poison Tongue will deliver the stark post-industrial soundscapes and a massive mind fuck with it while walking the fraying tightrope over purely apocalyptic audio.

Released on classic black chrome C-30 casettes by one of the most gripping and promising labels in extreme audio, No Visible Scars,and packaged in a 7' EP sleeve these sounds will rip through you like a nice butchers blade through soft and still warm flesh.

Avaliable for purchase through Malignant Records and Hells Headbangers webstores (just click on thei logos at the top of the page and it'll direct you to those sites)or email NVS directly at: and they'll get back to you asap.

For audio samples, they are on webstream here so you might catch it, but also go to:

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