Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Krohm/Tenebrae in Perpetuum - Split

Krohm/Tenebrae In Perpetuum- Split (Debemur Morti 2010)

A split released conceived by two bands drawing upon their Italian ancestry and their darkest internal and personal inspirations to create beautiful yet ominous tracks of bleak aural landscapes. Each band furnishes three tracks that prompt the listener to experience the feel of the old world, the beautiful and dilapidated buildings, cobblestone streets and narrow walkways and the sensation of isolation among some sort of ruins

The sound that drew me to Krohm back with “A world Through Dead Eyes” is still thrusting and encircling my senses like a deep winter chill through my veins with these three tracks. As always with Krohm, there’s that illustrious buzz of guitar that is so primal yet crafts these impenetrably dense atmospheres of gloom and isolation, that truly “ancient” sound that makes black metal so inspiring and alluring to many is perfectly expressed in these compositions. It’s almost impossible to listen to Krohm and not be aroused and have your consciousness absorbed into the tracks as they play through. Definitely ideal for dim lighting and a late October evening when the chill begins to set in and the days grow shorter in favor of the night.

Tenebrae in Perpetuum is yet another one of my isolationist favorites. I was turned on to this act only about two years ago, it was during a cold spell and I was laying back and exhausted and some of the most incredible draconian images and feelings came into the back of my mind, sort of like having an old silent horror film playing beneath my blank conscious thoughts of mental fatigue. I love the way these tracks unfold from barely skin and bones riffs and passages into a rolling thunder of catastrophe and then a calm resumes.

As for both bands contributions, there’s always a loneliness or suffering that is overwhelmingly present within each track, half foreboding and half inviting. The vocals ranging from maniacal screams dampened with mild reverb to howls of pain and misery really hone in to the abysmal feel of hopelessness, although for myself this music is somehow very positive and refreshing. It’s almost like experiencing something supernatural and unexplainable while listening to the sounds as they cloak you in a swell of frigidity and utter blackness. Prepare to be sucked into this void of desperation and watch as your colorful world slowly distorts into shades of gray and blur until nothing but the black is present. Set for a late October release as well, this will be one of the best bleak atmospheres created in time for the oncoming winter.


Tenebrae in Perpetuum:

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