Sunday, June 27, 2010

Svart – Forlorad (Frostscald Records 2010)

Another eerie and skin tingling, teeth chattering, haunting atmospheric release from Frostscald comes this Swedish act, Svart. As with many acts on the label, Svart would appeal as much to fans of neo-folk/dark ambient/neo-classical/martial sounds of labels like Cold Spring UK, Ahnstern, Tesco, Soleil Moon. Here a spring release is as icy as the first breeze of a long winter.

The songs on “Forlorad” are lengthy and have a definite pagan, nostalgic, and even poetic/literary sense about them. It’s as if they are telling a tale through sound of the coming of spring as the snow and gloom of winter begins to fade and life and color returns once again return to the once hidden objects that became a blindingly white glare for what felt like an eternity. The modern, epic, folkloric sound of these tracks makes me think of artists like: Allerseelen, Ataraxia, Olen K, Ebonillumini. I’ve been slowly trying to go back to building up my collection of those labels and artists and with additions like Frostscald and their growing artist list and my newest collaboration with Cold Spring it should be happening really soon, so expect to hear and read more about these amazing sounds.

Fans of the mentioned acts and: Lik, Lifelover, Wolves in the Throne Room, Summoning, Minsk, Velvet Cacoon, Hellveto, Dead Can Dance, A Forest of Stars, Caina, Alcest, Gravsahl, and Blakagir.

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