Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sullen Route - Madness of My Own Design (Solitude Productions 2010)

This is the debut album of Russian band The Sullen Route and already is racking up some great reviews. Sadly the Russian Metal scene doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves and hopefully more artists like this one will continue to push it forward a bit more and thankfully a label like Solitude Productions and it’s off-shoots will keep it growing.

Marketed as a Death/Doom album and compared to the likes of Mourning Beloveth, Officum Triste, they create atmospheres as cold as an oncoming Ice Age and as immobilizing and gloomy as the anticipated approach of the reaper himself. No symphonic elements are used to create this mood of pure disparity, just the sullen guitar string arpeggios and the pain-filled growl of an almost suicidal mood. The Sullen Route makes a memorable impact on listeners with “Madness of My Own Design”, you can feel your body ridden with agony and exhaustion as you yearn for death and the solace of your lost love. Every chord will be another blow to your psyche as you spiral into the deepest hole of doom, the drums count out the rhythm of your dying heart as your soul begins to drift out of your soon to be empty and wasting physical mask, and you fall at the base of the gates of your destiny.

This is unbelievably powerful and deep stuff, and obviously not for the weak minded or hearted…menacingly entrancing and heavy and an absolute doom release to be looked into. Would appeal equally to fans of: Isis, Minsk, Mouth of The Architect, Centurions Ghost as it would those of Evoken, Skepticism, and Esoteric.

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