Saturday, May 29, 2010

Phragements - Earth Shall not Cover Their Blood (Malignant Records)

Unlike the darker industrial and apocalyptic ambient releases from this label this one shows the other side of Malignant and dares to tread more along the neo-classical route with fellow artists: Coph Nia, In Slaughter Natives, Raison D'Etre, Desiderii Marginis, The War Office Propaganda Label and many more.

Pure ethereal and symphonic ghostly atmospheres are brought about through this music. There's something mystifying and glorious, like an ancient battle victory that is felt here, but also haunting and disasterous like the sight of the fields of impaled victims and mutilated bodies of the enemy as you realize your victory over the enemy is a reality and the price it cost. There is a genuine pagan feel, as well as animalistic desire in this music, to conquer and destroy as much as protect and secure. A hybrid of post world-ending nuclear holocaust and roman atrocities over barbarian tribes in tiring battles millenia ago, this has as much futuristic and industrial nihilism and robotics as it does a hail back to the alledged "primal" human conflicts and early civilizations development through violent struggle and bloodshed.

Definitely intense and beautiful, dynamic and sedative, this has it all and will definitely rival some of the above mentioned forebears of the sound and style. One of my new essential listens and an envigorating aural view into what is being created out there. Another top-notch release for a label that can't seem to go wrong. You haven't felt real ambient atmospheres until you've added this to your experience list.

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