Monday, May 24, 2010

Gonzar - E.P. (Datahex)

Taking the extreme beat underground and pushing the digital extremes to the apex of "you can't go there", this project dares to and successfully does. For some reason I expected the likes of Mick Harris and James Plotkin to push this boundary, given their grind/crust history, but they actually moved on to more complex and lenghty compositions of noise and experiment whereas Gonzar here pushes the idea of grind from a digital Atari noise perspective. Who the hell can refuse an E.P. consisting of tracks with titles like: "Thumbs up Corpse Down", "Trip out on Dogshit and Downers", "Potsmokearmyforce" ? Clocking in at under 10 minutes too.

Extreme throbbing basslines underneath machine gun fire, samples of electronic effected screaming, death ray guns,'s a soundtrack to some political war done sci-fi and digital. Interesting and worthy of checking out for sure. Check out the Datahex site at: where you can download the comps and various sounds for free and show support. Very cool stuff folks!!!!!

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