Monday, May 24, 2010

Drill Bra - Horror Movies Took Up My Time E.P. (Datahex)

Another awesome horror/perve inspired experimetal piece of power industrial work to come my way recently. If the name and album title aren't enough to spark your curiosity, then you're not the right person for this shit anyway so move on. This album JAMS!!!! Straight up hardcore electronics banging and throbbing with satanic chipmunks talking dirty behind the noise. The sounds of a 1000 video games at full volume in an arcade as midget lesbian prostitutes solicit underage boys to indulge in their wildest curiosites and pick up a different joy-stick altogether. Too cool for school, this will make you crank the up volume and laugh your ass off in places. Trippy, evil, groovy, thumping, pulsing, porno filth. If only Richard D. James was slightly more fucked up, Aphex Twin would have gone beyond "I would like some milk from the milkmans wife's tits" (Please tell me someone reading this has heard that track) and put some truly devious and jarbled up lyrics and samples behind the beats. I will be forever an Aphex Twin fan, but stuff here blows it away with a 44 caliber. I have to hear more from this artist, this four tracker is not enough to satisfy me... I need more!!!!

These people who make this stuff are running around loose!!!!!! And why doesn't that scare me ?
get your perve on :

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