Friday, March 19, 2010

Skullfuck- The Supreme Ugliness

I meant to have this bastard up here months ago, but have been tied down with other demands life throws at me continuously. Recently while working on increasing my radio shows raw and fucked up content I re-visited this one and made damn sure that the review was finally posted other wise I'd forget AGAIN. You really do have to hear this and see the insane cover art that this album sports so here's the review:

Attention fans of the raw, filthy, perverse, malicious, indecent, raunchy, crusty…

Here is another review of a raw, disturbed Finnish gem, as if the band name wasn’t a dead give-away to what the sound will be like. I had to buy this thing based on name and cover art alone and was anything but disappointed when I finally got to hear it. It’s supposed to be a raw black metal album, but has more of a belligerent, war mongering, faster pace to it, almost like gutter thrash with hints of death metal and punk with great vomiting vocals. It’s actually WAAAAYYYYY better than it sounds, but it really is a disgusting piece of audio filth that I back 1000%.

When they say that “you can’t polish a turd…” they obviously haven’t heard these guys. No this isn’t a joke review, I honestly love this album and would be doing back flips if any of you liked it too. Bestial Burst has one of the best selections of valid low-end releases, very underground too, sort of like those lovely B rated cult films many of us collect. There’s something about them that makes them worthy of the time and cash.

So Again, for sake of amusement in some cases, but also for variety and the chance to find something a bit unusual check these guys out. They don’t have an actual website so contact Bestial Burst Records, do an Encyclopedia Metallum search, or do a Google search for the band name AND album title to avoid getting a huge surplus of amusing yet grotesque sites related to necrophilia, etc. This band is a loud vicious duo: Riku Taipale (also in Irritate and Ride for Revenge) on vocals and bass, and Jori Sara-aho (also in Irritate and many other bands) on guitar and drums. I'm a fan of RFR and Irritate and should review both after this one. So remember to search skullfuck – the supreme ugliness, I didn’t at first and am probably now on a government watch list as a result

Check them out, Irritate, and Ride For Revenge. If you are a fan of the raw and lo-fi, but expect something worthwhile out of it this is definitely a band to check out. By now the Irritate review has been up for months so if you haven't already read it, do so and find something new and worthy.

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